June 6, 2015


With temperatures like yesterday (38 degrees at one point!), you know summer is finally here. What I want to wear in such heat are comfortable shoes with a pop of color. But we all know the European weather changes very quickly. Next week could be rainy again. I found the answer at Sperry: all kinds of different models and colors in their new collection! Brown for the rainy days, pink for those hot days, navy for well - all the time,...  I simply could not choose between them, so I picked up 7 pairs to go with all the different moods of weather summer has for us!

Here are my 7 new babies:

We'll start with the two pairs that look the most casual. These are called Seacoast. I chose these, because they fit under every casual outfit. The laces look also pretty cool, they are barrel knotted to give it a nautical twist. It makes them stand out from the rest of the collection. 

Ah, don't these just scream summer? These are the Bahamas in seagull print. And I love this print. Look at those tiny boats and birds! It's your ordinary boat shoe spiced up with some color and prints, and the result is just great. Yep, love these.

The last one from the neutrals are also my favorites from the whole collection. Leopard print! I've never been a leopard kinda girl, I actually have zero of this print in my closet. But when I saw these I instantly fell in love. I love everything about this shoe, the shade of brown, how there is a little shimmer in the gold patches and the gold matching laces. I will be wearing these a lot this summer, that's for sure.

Next up are the colorful ones. I already talked about the blue Bahamas so there are only two more pairs left. Pink and yellow. Two colors of shoes that I didn't have. The pink ones are pretty cute. I can see myself wearing these even under my all-black outfits, it would give it that dash of summer.

Yellow shoes. Something that I thought I would never, never ever wear. But here we are, it's summer 2015 and I have my first yellow pair of shoes. I don't even own ANY yellow clothing piece! So yes, this was a leap out of my comfort zone when I ordered these. These are the Washed Bahama's, you can see a little bleach/tie dye effect, and there are even yellow stains on the white part of the shoe. My first thought was "What am I going to do with these?". I was not a big fan of them. But once I put them on that changed. Guys, they are so, so, so comfortable! It's like I'm walking on little pillows. Or maybe even clouds.

Bahama Seagull Print (here) || Seacoast Sneaker (here) || Bahama Sparkle in leopard (here) || Boat Shoes in pink (here) || Bahama Washed Boat Shoe in yellow (here)

I mainly love Sperry because they stick to one type of shoe: the boat shoe. 
Yet they make so many different versions - in so many colors and prints, that the collection never looks dull, but always fresh and new.

About the sizing: go a size up if you order a pair. I went for my usual size and some of them are a little too small. They have all the sizes: from small to big. (Up to 43.5 and even 47 for unisex shoes.) So no worries, Sperries for everyone!

Which pair would you have picked?

PS: You have probably seen the condition of my laptop on Snapchat or Facebook. But I found a way to still use it, as it's only the screen that's broken. It's difficult, but I'll try to keep posting everyday as always!

Love, Rani


  1. Those shoes are really beautiful! I can't decide which shoe i like the most! The leopard one or the white one with the seagull print?

  2. Ik hou van die blauwe kleur! Ik vind het printje iets minder trouwens.
    De roze en de panter zijn echt te gek! Ik ben normaal helemaal niet van de panter printjes etc. maar deze is wel echt booming!

  3. these are so nice, love the different prints!

    CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

  4. love them all! can't choose either!


  5. Love the shoes !! Great picks rani. Love the pink and blue. :)

  6. Zitten mooie modellen tussen!

  7. My fav is the pink shoes! ♡

  8. Goooorgeous shoes babe! I love the colored shoes, so bright and happy!

    xoxo C.


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