July 13, 2016

L'Occitane/My Little Paris - Box

Summer is coming, although it doesn't really feel like it in Belgium yet. Luckily L'Occitane and My Little Paris teamed up for a beautiful summer box that just immediately brings the sun to your bathroom!


En attendant l'été

The box has 4 little drawers and one big one. (Even the box itself looks really cute, and is perfect for storing little bits and bobs.)

In the first drawer you find a foot cream (30ml) for dry skin, very handy for summer when we walk around bare foot more often, or in sandals like the cute drawing on the box shows.

The second drawer contains a luscious exfoliating almond butter (50ml) for the legs. And I am LOVING this one, it smells simply heavenly and it is a really good scrub. Lifetime supply of this scrub please!

The drawer with the little bikini, drawer 3, holds a L'Occitane milk concentrate (20ml) to smooth you out for swimsuit season. Another product that I (everyone in the house) has been loving, silky soft skin without any greasiness.

The last small drawer contains an extra fresh verbena-scented shower gel (70ml). The scent is really fresh and green, but also has a hint of sweet jelly beans. A perfect summer shower gel!

And at last, the big drawer! In this drawer you'll find a little information about the products and if you fold it open, you'll see a pretty poster. What's more in the drawer? A beachy tote bag with that same drawing from the poster. Really cute, and tote bags are always handy in summer. 

L'Occitane x My Little Paris - Summer Box (€29)

The box is very 'Me Little Paris', they also have their own monthly subscription boxes (I reviewed one here), and I really love their style. It really matches L'Occitane, and this box just made me vuuuurry happy. Summer in a box, voila!

What do you think about this box?

Love, Rani


  1. The box looks so cute! The small L'Occitane products and the beautiful drawings on the box are just great!

  2. So cute, right? I was over the moon when I received the box :-)

  3. Wat een leuke box is dit zeg!

  4. I want to try this brand so much, wonderful post! Love the packaging!!!

  5. Wat een prachtige box is dit!


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