July 8, 2016

Clinique - Chubby In The Nude

So far I'm digging all the Clinique Chubbiness, so I was pretty curious about the latest Chubby product, the Chubby in the Nude foundation stick. Also my first foundation stick - and I do have to admit that I was a bit scared that the application would be a bit well eh, cakey to say at least. 
So, review time!

Chubby In The Nude Review and Swatches

The Chubby In The Nude foundation stick comes in the typical Clinique Chubby packaging. The stick is compact and very handy for traveling, or just to put in your handbag for touch ups on the go. 

The formula is surprisingly blendable and creamy. It feels nice on the skin, and it blends out to a medium to even light coverage (so no cakiness!), but you can also step up your game and go for medium to full coverage. Chubby In The Nude has a finish that is not dewy, nor matte, more of a satin finish. 

The sticks are suitable for all skin types and come in 6 colors (4 extra colors at Inno!), I have color 09 'Normous Neutral and 07 Capacious Chamois. 07 is the closest fit to my skin tone. You can apply the foundation by just drawing 2-3 horizontal stripes on your forehead, one on the bridge of your nose, 2-3 on the cheeks and one on the chin. Blend downwards and to the sides for that 'second skin effect'.

Clinique - Chubby in the Nude in 07 Capacious Chamois and 09 'Norms Neutral (€31)

Overall I'm pretty impressed with this little chubby one, blending goes so much easier than I thought, and you can choose which coverage you'd like. These sticks are also GREAT for contouring and highlighting, pick up a darker and a lighter shade, and you have (perfectly blendable) cream contour products.

Have you ever tried a foundation stick?

Love, Rani


  1. The pictures are so beautiful! I really like this post!

  2. I've never tried a foundation stick before, because of my dry skin type I like to stick to liquid foundations usually, but this one from Clinique seems very promising. From all the reviews I've read, including yours, everyone seems pretty pumped about it :) I might just pay Inno a visit this weekend Xxxx :D

  3. I love it. I use it pretty much every day, either all over or just here and there to conceal.

  4. Oh wauw, wat een prachtige foto's weer! En deze foundation sticks lijken me onwijs fijn om te gebruiken, het is alleen dat ze iets te duur voor mij zijn helaas

  5. Oh wat heb je toch mooie foto's gemaakt!

  6. Gorgeous review, the photos are so pretty! I don't know if they would work as well on my skin which tends to run a little oily as the day goes by, but otherwise sounds like a perfect summer base< I would probably use it for contouring. That would probably look really nice over a matte foundation, thanks for sharing xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  7. Oh ze zien er eigenlijk wel heel goed uit! Zou zo'n type foundation ook goed gaan met een droge huid?

    1. Ik had niet het gevoel dat hij droge plekjes accentueerde, met een goede moisturizer en primer gaat dat geen probleem zijn!

  8. tof dat je deze reviewed! Ik had een beetje vraagje hoe het blenden zou gaan bij deze sticks. Kan je ze echt aanraden als een volwaardige foundation of eerder als een extraatje om een beetje bij te werken?

    x Karen

    1. Ze zijn zéker geschikt als volwaardige foundation, je kan er full coverage mee gaan! :)

  9. Deze sticks zien er erg goed uit zeg! Ik gebruik eigenlijk nooit sticks omdat ik een extreem droge huid hebt.


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