July 19, 2016

ABH - Glow Kit Gleam

Thé talk of the town in highlighter-land are the Glow Kits, Anastasia Beverly Hills just released some gorgeous new ones, and I have to say that I'm very curious about those. Today I swatched the most popular glow kit, Gleam, for you - so let's take a look!

Glow Kit: Gleam

The packaging of the Sun-Dipped, That Glow and Gleam glow kits are the same but in different colors. Gleam has a silver/grey/blue shade and holds -matching- cool-toned highlighters. The pans can be easily taken out, and the first thing I noticed about them is that they are pretty huge in comparison to other highlighting palettes.

There are 4 colors: Hard Candy, Mimosa, Starburst and Crushed Pearl. The colors are all very intense, and very pigmented. Crushed Pearl and Starburst are the lightest shades, my favorites and also the most shimmery. Crushed Pearl is exactly what I like in a highlighter, that pearlescent glow. Starburst has a pink tone to it, also very pretty. Hard Candy seems very pink when heavily swatched, but blended out it really gives more of a glow (not as much shimmer as Starburst and Crushed Pearl) and the pink isn't too much at all. Mimosa is a beautiful highlighter for tanned skin, and is also great to dust over your matte bronzer to give it a sun-kissed glow.

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Glow Kit in Gleam ($40)

This glow kit is one of my favorite highlighting palettes, the (price-)quality is really good and the colors differ enough from each other. I just really want to collect the others too now. That Glow, Sun-Dipped, Moonchild and Sweets - I'm coming for you!

What do you think about this highlighter palette?

Love, Rani


  1. The colors look amazing, they're so pigmented! I like Starbust the most because of the subtle pink tone.

  2. This looks absolutely gorgeous!

    Parie x

  3. Mimosa speaks to me on a deeply spiritual level, what a lovely palette xxx

    AlLittleKiran - Bloglovin

  4. I own one of the regular highlighters, but you definitely convinced me to get one of the palettes, absolutely gorgeous.

  5. This palette is absolutely gorgeous! I've been lusting after nearly everything from ABH for so long but always worry that the price is a bit too much for the product. But from the swatches they look super pigmented and amazing quality! I'm so excited about the new palettes too! X x


  6. Ik heb net vijf minuten naar de swatches zitten staren, helemaal gehypnotiseerd door de glans, haha. Helemaal mijn ding, die paletjes!


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