July 2, 2016

ABH - Eyeshadow Singles (Part 2)

The first Anastasia Beverly Hills post about the separate eyeshadow pans was very popular, so -of course- I needed to show you my other colors. Today I'm swatching all the colors of my second palette with orange shades!

ABH Eyeshadow Singles & Palette

As you can see I went for brown and orange shades in this palette. 

As you might remember: the eyeshadow pans are all available separately, but you can also buy bundles of 4 and 8. This comes out much cheaper ànd you get a free magnetized palette too. The palette I have is the one you get for free when purchasing a bundle of 8 shadows.

Swatches - Row 1


Sateen is one of the newest shades and it has (as the name suggests) a satin finish. It's a pretty brilliant champagne hue.


Birkin is a warm beige mauve, with an ultra-matte finish.


RTW is a peachy fawn with velvet finish.

Burnt Orange

Burnt Orange is an orange/brown shade, with ultra-matte finish.

Swatches - Row 2

China Rose

China Rose is one of my favorites of this palette and it's a rosy peach metallic with duochrome finish.  Pretty!


Blazing is also very new, a brick-red ultra-matte shade. This one is a musthave in your eyeshadow collection!


Truffle is a warm medium brown with shimmery finish. 

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate is a warm dark brown and again an ultra-matte finish.

Review & Look

I think these shades will really speak to a lot of you. Finding good mattes can be tricky, but the ABH mattes are all as pigmented as can be, and they blend like a dream. All of these shades work well and are as pigmented as expected. 

For the little look I went for glitter eyebrows because why not? I used Blazing in the crease and blended it out, some China Rose in the inner corner and Burnt Orange to fade out Blazing. (The shimmer is Shiro's Finally an Oscar For Leo DiCaprio - which I sell at my webshop Beauty & Bobs.)

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Eyeshadow Single ($12)
(Bundle: 8 Eyeshadow Singles for $70 + Free Palette)

My favorites of this palette are: Sateen, China Rose and Blazing. Blazing really is a musthave shade, a brick-red that blends so well.

What do you think about these shades?

Love, Rani


  1. The shades are really beautiful, Blazing is my absolute favorite of this palette. And you created an amazing look! That glitter eyebrow looks so great and the combination with the eyeshadow is perfect!

  2. Woahhhh, the gold eyebrows, dude! :-) I really love the shades in this palette, the whole thing is just scuh-reaaaaaaaaming my name.

  3. I really like the look you created with the glitter eyebrows.
    The eyeshadows look really pigmented.



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