March 18, 2016

Lancôme - Miracle Cushion

With all these cushion foundations popping up like mushrooms I needed to try out the foundation where the hype started, the Lancôme Miracle Cushion!

The Miracle Cushion has a silver box that looks like a delicate powder box. There is a mirror inside and an applicator. The cushion itself is locked behind a door, so it's hygienic. And it's that cushion that contains the foundation. 

The applicator is important for the Miracle Cushion. We don't use sponges anymore in the era of brushes and Beautyblenders, but this applicator is specially designed for this foundation. It feels and is completely different from the sponges that we know, it feels different and it applies different. When I apply this foundation, I always use the sponge. It spreads out the foundation easy and quick into a natural looking coverage.

The foundation is actually also skincare, it hydrates the skin for about 4 hours thanks to glycerine,  ester oil, and a high concentration of water. The refreshing is noticeable, it should bring the temperature of the skin down with 2,3°C. The formula is enriched with an extract of pine needles for a radiant look. And, important, it has a SPF23. 

The coverage is buildable from light tot medium. I tried this foundation the day we went shooting for the Sony article and it looks so natural. On my arm the color perfectly matches, but on my face it was slightly too dark/pink. This is at the moment my favorite foundation, application is really easy with the sponge and it feels light and airy.

Lancôme - Miracle Cushion in 02 Beige Rosé (€42)

I'm impressed and loving this foundation. There are so far only 2 other foundations that I like (and one is actually a serum hydride and the other one a tinted moisturizer). So I am quite picky when it comes to foundation. This one is really good and I can definitely recommend it it you're looking for light to medium coverage and a natural look, while staying hydrated. It comes in 7 colors with different undertones.

Have you already tried a cushion foundation?

Love, Rani


  1. It's a really nice color, it looks so natural on you. And it's a great packaging too!

  2. Ik heb deze al op veel blogs zien voorbij komen maar ben om jouw review te lezen omdat je toch wel heel veel van beauty kent. De dekking ziet er echt perfect uit!

    x Karen

  3. It looks really natural on you, and I was looking for a non-cakey foundation!
    This one looks so good!

  4. Die textuur op de foto's ziet er erg interessant uit, ik heb er al veel goede dingen over gehoord dus ik denk dat ik hem eens moet testen ;-)

    x Lies

  5. Ik heb net de drugstore versie van L'Oréal binnen! Toch wel een interessante verpakking en concept, ik ben benieuwd hoe het houdt op mijn gemengde huid.

  6. First time reading this blog thanks for sharing


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