March 30, 2016

Calvin Klein - CK One Summer 2016

Calvin Kleins annual summer fragrance is inspired by a summer in the jungle. 
Refreshing, rebellious, carefree and unisex!

"Getting away from reality.
Longing for nature.
Nothing can stop you - the jungle knows no rules."

The bottle is one of the prettiest editions, green and blue with palm tree prints engraved. It immediately reminds of the jungle theme and it matches the freshness of the scent too. As usual the bottle has a screw cap, but it also comes with another spray cap, so you can choose yourself!

Top notes: lemon, lime, mojito, ginger, green apple
Heart notes: guava, Tahitian tiara flower, juniper
Base notes: cedar, coconut milk, moss

CK One Summer opens with a lemon and lime mojito accord, the heart exists out of exotic guava and  it has a woody cedar base. A scent that screams summer and can be worn by both women and men. 

Calvin Klein - CK One Summer 2016 (€38,83 for 100ml)

Yes to this summery, fresh scent. It's like a party (the mojito accord) in the jungle. The scent doesn't last incredibly long, but for only €38 for a bottle of 100ml, you don't have to be afraid to spray it.

What is your favorite summer fragrance?

Love, Rani


  1. I'm a big fan of the bottle! It looks amazing, I think the screw cap is a nice detail and you really get a feeling of summer when you look at it.

  2. Love the bottle so pretty!!! :) Your pictures are so beautiful!

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