January 2, 2016

Clinique - Smart Treatment Oil

It was only until a few months ago that I really started taking more care of my skin and extended my skincare routine. Skincare might be less glamorous to write about than a brand-new holiday collection, but it is so important. So today on the menu: Clinique's new face oil!

The bottle has a clear plastic packaging, it just looks nice. I would have personally preferred glass, but then again, that might just drive up the price. It has a dropper system with the silver cap functioning as a pump, which works like a charm. Because of the clear bottle, you can best store this in your bathroom closet/drawer or in the original box. This oil almost only contains plant derived oils, and those can easily lose their effectiveness in daylight.

What does the treatment oil promise?
It promises to be a light oil, with anti-aging ingredients that nourishes dry and damaged skin. The oil contains argan oil and plant extracts which give a plumping effect, and reduces lines. It also has vitamin C and E and cranberry seed oil that protect against (environmental) aggressors. 

When I received the oil I was a bit "meh", the bottle looked pretty but you know how much I dislike oils. But I was too curious to not give it a go, because Clinique has never disappointed me so far. The first thing I noticed is that the oil is really light. It doesn't feel too greasy on my skin, and from day 1 I could feel how nourishing and moisturizing the oil is. A little goes a long way here, I only need 2 drops for my whole face. Clinique also suggests adding a drop to your regular moisturizer.

The oil should be suitable for every skin type, however I don't think a very oily skin will really match with this product. It's perfect for dry, normal and light-oily skin.

Clinique - Smart Treatment Oil (€40,35)

An oil that I actually like, that's just impressive, very impressive. I won't use this on a daily base -not yet that big of an oil fan-, but I will use this once or twice a week for a night of intense hydration. There is nothing bad to say about this product. The price is also reasonable and especially when you know you only need 2-4 drops a time. 

Do you use face oils? 

Love, Rani


  1. I don't use them, I've never even tried a face oil. But this one sounds really good. And it looks great too!

  2. I haven't used face oils before, but this seems pretty good. Clinique has a lot of great skin care items. Gorgeous pictures Rani!!!

  3. Ik heb een redelijk vette huid, ik gebruik dan ook nooit olie, maar met die prachtige foto's van je krijg ik wel meteen zin om dit product te testen ;) Fijne review, bedankt om hem te delen. En een heel fijn 2016 gewenst Rani!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  4. Sounds promising. I'm using,La Mer The Renewal Oil at the moment and LOVING it. But unfortunately not loving it's steep price :( Maybe this is a good dupe for it? Xo S.

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