January 3, 2016

Azzaro - Pour Elle (Extrême)

The latest perfume I got was Azzaro Pour Elle, I got it when I was shopping for Christmas gifts at Planet Parfum. I'm so picky when it comes to fragrances, and this was one that I really liked. Then a few weeks later the newest Azzaro fragrance landed on my desk: Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême, what a coincidence! A brand-new version of the perfume I just got and loved. So today I'll be telling you about these 2 fragrances!

First a little word about the packaging. 
When you're using diamonds as the concept of your bottle, there's a fine line between being classy and kitsch. So I wasn't really sure if I liked the bottle at first sight, but now I've come to love it. It's very heavy, with a cap that looks like a big diamond. The prettiest is the detail around the neck of the bottle, a ring of little stones. The original Azzaro Pour Elle is completely silver, and the new Extrême version is gold. I love that they just changed the color for the new fragrance. They match perfectly. 

Azzaro Pour Elle is a perfume that I absolutely love. It was launched not so long ago as the feminine version of the popular fragrance Azzaro pour Homme (from 1978). 

Top notes: cardamom, citruses, champagne
Heart notes: rose, lily
Base notes: olibanum, cashmere wood

The perfume smells warm, sweet and yet a bit spicy too. The base notes give the warmth to the composition: warm (and can we maybe call it even sexy?) notes of olibanum and cashmere wood. The heart notes are rose and lily, they go very well with the citrus notes. And lastly, the cardamom gives it a fresh touch. 

The perfume is build around seduction, a strong and sexy woman who knows what she wants. To fully get the picture, you should watch the commercial with Ian Somerhalder and Ana Beatriz Barros.  (Here.) It's a warm, elegant and sexy fragrance. It's one of those scents that can easily become a signature scent. 

Introducing the brand-new fragrance: Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême!

You can see Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême as a sensual interpretation of Azzaro Pour Elle. The accords are more intense and they added 3 new ingredients: saffron and a unique duo of 2 kinds of roses.

The scent opens with the freshness of the roses combined with the cardamom. They are intensified by the warmth of the saffron. The roses come to life thanks to the notes of lily and the softness of peach. The scent closes with the cashmere wood scent. It's so typical oriental, it gives the fragrance a mysterious touch.

Maybe a little comparison: it smells similar to Givenchy's Live Irresistible.

Azzaro - Pour Elle (€49,90 for 50ml, available at Planet Parfum)
Azzaro - Pour Elle Extrême (€80 for 75ml)

I feel like Azzaro Pour Elle is underhyped, they're both deep fragrances, with a warm and sensual composition. Sounds good, and it is good. Next time you're looking for a perfume, you should definitely go give this a big whiff.

Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême will be available mid January.

Have you ever smelled this perfume?

Love, Rani


  1. The packaging is so beautiful, it's classy! And they smell really good! But for me the Pour Elle smells a bit better then the Pour Elle Extreme.

  2. Sounds amazing. Such beautiful pictures rani!!! So cool you got a second perfume! !!

  3. Ohh ik heb daar pas ergens reclame van gezien en ik ben eigenlijk zo benieuwd naar die geur!

    love, Turn it inside out

  4. The original smells so good! I have to go smell the new one asap.


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