January 1, 2016

Dior - State Of Gold

One of the prettiest and most luxurious holiday collections, the perfect way to start a new year. When I received the press visuals and information I was so excited for this collection, and it did not disappoint. Let's talk about Dior's State Of Gold collection!

The full collection exists out of a highlighter, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, nail polishes, eyeshadow mono's and lip glosses. I'm showing you today the highlighter, two of the lipsticks and a nail polish. 

Collector's item of this collection is definitely the Diorific highlighter. I got it in shade 001 Luxurious beige, which is a beige/champagne powdery color. The powder has a glittery overspray and chevron print. The effect of the highlighter is subtle, yet noticeable. It gives a beautiful glow. (I compared it to the highlighter of the Cosmopolite collection, and it's quite similar. I would even dare to say the same.) But what makes my heart beat faster is the packaging. I'm the biggest sucker for packaging and this one is absolutely gorgeous. It has a vintage feeling, but also that modern touch. It's very, very heavy - and I love metal packagings. They're so much more sturdy and better looking than plastic. It also comes with it's own little golden brush. So luxurious.

I like the simple but elegant little Dior nail polishes, but this edition is stunning. They're like little balls of magic, so pretty. My little ball of magic is in the color Gris-Or. This is the most special color of the line, because it changes color in different lighting. (Can you see the effect in the bottle?) Amber, platinum,  yellow gold and rose gold are all an option. The nail polish covers perfectly in two layers and dries very fast. 

Lastly, two of the Diorific lipsticks. And again, that packaging. The most festive lipsticks ever, in their beautiful gold cocoon. The colors I have are: 430 Radieuse and 770 Fantastique. A soft pink color and a bright fuchsia. The Diorific lipsticks have a matte finish, but they don't feel dry, they're creamy. They cover well and are very pigmented. Fantastique is slightly less creamy, and stays on a bit longer than Radieuse. Both very pretty colors, colors that I will definitely wear apart from the holidays too.

Diorific State Of Gold in 001 Luxury Beige (€76)
Diorific Vernis in 227 Gris-Or (€30)
Diorific Matte in 430 Radieuse and 770 Fantastique (€42)

A big emoji with heart-eyes.
The collection is stunning, and especially the packaging is a must have for every make-up addict. I would say that the highlighter is my favorite, but looking at the whole collection, I can't really choose. Let's just stick with: gorgeous collection.

Oh and Happy New Year guys! <3

What's your favorite of this collection?

Love, Rani


  1. My favorite is the nail polish, it's really different than other nail polishes and it's so pretty! And the packaging of this collection is just perfect.

  2. Veel liefde voor de verpakkingen, ze maken de collectie helemaal af!

  3. Mooie collectie en wederom mooie foto's!! x

  4. Die hulsels van de lippenstift zijn zo mooi!

    x Karen

  5. Gorgeous pictures!!! Those lipsticks look gorgeous!! The packaging is perfect !!

  6. Echt alles van deze collectie ziet er goed uit! En die Fantastique is echt prachtig xx Griet


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