December 3, 2015

Planet Parfum Gift Guide

Christmas is my favorite time of the year! 
I love giving and getting presents, and thé big question every year is: what to ask and what to get for someone? That's why I wanted to do some gift guides for you, and today's gift guide is all about one of my favorite stores: Planet Parfum.

The ladies at Planet Parfum certainly know the art of wrapping gifts, the gifts look just beautiful. How cute are those little ties (on the men fragrances)?

For the boyfriend and brother

An absolute classic gift for the holidays is perfume. You can't get around the Johnny Depp commercials for the Dior Sauvage fragrance. And I can tell you, it smells amazing. My boyfriend (and I) were immediately sold when he smelled it, so that was quite easy!

Finding a perfume for my brother was a bit harder. He already has two favorite great fragrances (The One by Dolce&Gabbana and Gentleman Only by Givenchy - go give these two also a whiff when you're looking for one!), so we had to find something that would kinda fit these scents. After smelling a dozen perfumes (thank you Planet Parfum lady for your patience and help!),  I just couldn't decide, so I followed my mom's choice: Boss Bottled. A classic and it smells really good. Can't go wrong with this one!

For my mom

My mom, and probably most moms, loves established brands. This can range from L'Oréal to Dior and Chanel. As much as we love some liquid Gerard Cosmetics or The Balm lipsticks, it's not really a product, or brands that our moms are used to. My mom and I went to try some blushes a while ago, and this blush was a winner. It's the color 'Malice' from Chanel. I also picked up a wine-berry shade. Exactly something I would pick, but my mom also loves these shades.

Other tips: 
Planet Parfum has Agent Provocateur fragrances, who smell wonderful. I also love Sampar - a French  (pink!) skincare brand.

For the best friend

Do you also give little presents to your best friend? I made a pretty box with very cheap items: an OPI hand cream, a lip pencil and a lash curler. It's a little something to give, but it looks pretty (again, PP ladies, you sure know how to wrap gifts!), they are lovely products and yet it's not expensive at all. Perfect to make your friend happy!

One of my friends' birthday is coming up this week and she's very into the brow-hype. Planet Parfum has Anastasia Beverly Hills (yay!), probably thé best brow brand around, so of course I had to get some ABH! I went for the Brow Duality, a product that I also have, use and love. It gives a pretty glow (comparable to what Benefit's Brow Glow does) and gives that finished look to your brows. 

What's also a great idea: OPI nail polishes! Doesn't everyone love those? Gorgeous colors and great quality. I got these for myself, but they make a great gift too! Just wrap a big bow on it and you're ready to give a bottle of love to your friend.

For the little niece

Yes, I know, my god child does get spoiled a bit by me. First I was thinking about getting her a sweater, but I already bought her a dress last year, so no clothing this year! Remember my Planet Parfum haul? I bought her a little Kokeshi perfume, and she absolutely loved it. So the first idea was to buy her a second Kokeshi for her collection. I chose 'Bambu', a fresh fragrance with bergamot and bamboo. 

I was strolling through the aisles looking for something else, when I saw the Oilily items. Oilily was such a hype when I was younger, and they still make very pretty accessories. The choice was immediately made when I saw this make-up bag. It's great for her little bits and bobs like her Kokeshi perfume, but also to bring her toothbrush when she has a sleepover with friends.

And okay, I also spoiled myself a bit. (Can I walk into a perfumery and go empty handed home? Apparently not.) I got a new kabuki, because that's one of the brushes that I use every day. My good old Bourjois is getting old and every time I wash it, it takes 3 days to dry. As you can see from this post I am very pleased with the Close brushes. I already had a big powder brush, but it just needed the company of a kabuki. 

I also got a new perfume 'Azzaro - Pour Elle'. It's actually pretty new, launched in May 2015. The bottle is very pretty and festive (makes a perfect gift!). The bottleneck has little gems and the cap (the bottle too actually) is in the shape of a big rock. More about this fragrance soon, I will review it in a separate post. I was really doubting between this one, or a Salvatore Ferragamo fragrance. They also smell great and are exclusively available at Planet Parfum.

The Dior Doux Gommage Express isn't actually a part of this haul. Planet Parfum has a new system which gives you a gift voucher after every purchase. After this haul, I had €12 I think? And that's a lot! So I couldn't resist to drop by a few days later to repurchase my favoriete facial scrub. And now I got another €10! It's a vicious circle really, but €10 off anything is really, really a lot. 


Planet Parfum Exclusives:

And another reason why I love Planet Parfum, the incredible amount of samples you get! I've heard from a lot of friends that this is a big plus, who doesn't like to try out new things?

So at Planet Parfum you can get a lot more than just perfumes: make-up bags, a lot of brushes, ABH 

(!), OPI nail polishes, high-end make-up collections,... I'm pretty happy with the gifts I chose (and the stuff I couldn't resist for myself). 

But guys, I also have a little gift for you: -€10 when you buy for €70 on the Planet Parfum eshop, with the code "iamafashioneer"! That's a lot, because when you buy a perfume you're already almost at €70! (The code is available until 19/12.)

Have fun shopping guys!

When are you going on a shopping spree? And what's your favorite product of this haul?

Love, Rani


  1. Wow, wat een haul! Echt een hele toffe post om te lezen, ik vind vooral de o.p.i nagellak, anastasia en die toiletzak mooi! Ik denk zelfs dat ik de toiletzak ga vragen voor kerst. :-)

    xx Saartje

  2. The Sauvage smells so great! And the way they wrapped everything is really amazing! So original and pretty!

  3. Ik ga echt kwijlen van al die mooie parfums, wat een prachtige luxe producten.

  4. That is such a great haul!! Love the nail polishes and that chanel lippy as well as blush! Gorgeous pictures!!!!!

  5. Dit is echt wel handig! Ik vind vooral dat witte kistje met het rood papier super, voor zo weinig geld en toch lijkt het een echt dik cadeau. Tof!

  6. Wauw, heel gaaf!


  7. Die sauvage van Dior is zoooo goed! Ik ben er echt fan van :D
    Verder heb je echt leuke spulletjes gekocht voor een heel mooi bedrag, super!


  8. Haha ik wil alles maar als ik toch iets moet kiezen ga ik voor een Chanel lippenstift.

    x Karen

  9. Hele mooie producten! Ik vind vooral de Chanel producten er mooi uit zien en het make-up tasje van Oilily is ook heel mooi!

  10. Wat een fantastische post Rani, wauw zeg! Stuk voor stuk geweldige producten, ik ben ook fan van Boss Bottled (droeg boyfriendo vroeger altijd), en nu ben ik voor mannen fan van van L'Uomo van Givenchy, heerlijk! En inderdaad, voor de mama Chanel of Dior ;) En dan stiekem ook gebruiken, muahaha. Al is het soms ook stiekem de mama die van mij gebruikt haha! Prachtige tint van blush, trouwens, echt zo mooi <3
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  11. Zalige gift guide, zeker voor de beautyliefhebber! Ik ga zelf vooral naar Planet Parfum voor Anastasia en OPI, super dat het gewoon kort bij huis te koop is!

  12. Ohh, Malice ziet er een prachtige blush uit! Denk dat je familie en vriend niet anders dan heel blij kunnen zijn met deze leuke cadeautjes :D

  13. Also, these aroma stores are winding up more inventive in that they don't just progress toward becoming retailers of designer 10 men's cologne

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