December 1, 2015

Essence - Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are everywhere at the moment, almost every brand has one. Today I'm showing you a very pretty and budget-friendly calendar by Essence!

The calendar looks very cheery and happy with the pink-purple packaging. There is a Christmassy, snowy village printed on front and there are 24 little doors to open every day of December until Christmas. All of the tiny doors have a cute little text. Some say things like "good morning, sweetheart" and there are a lot of doors that have quotes about nail polish. 

 But what's in the calendar? This calendar is actually all about the nails! It contains:

- 15 mini nail polishes
- 5 top coats 
- 2 mini nail files
- metallic nail stickers
- a super cute mini cosmetic bag

So yes, that is quite a lot! I don't even think the nail polishes are that mini, they are all 5ml! 

These are my favorite polishes from the calendar, it was very hard to pick because there are a lot of different colors and they are all incredibly beautiful. There are some bright reds, metallic purples, pastel blues - a lot of variety! A big plus, because of the variety everyone will find shades that they adore.

I'm also very fond of the top coats, my favorites are a matte glitter top coat and one with a snowflake effect. Really cool! 

I don't want to spoil the whole calendar for you guys, so only a little sneak peek in this post. What fun is it otherwise to open the doors every day?

Essence - Advent Calender (€24,99)

 I honestly can say that if you like nail polish and Christmas, you will need this calendar. You get 20 nail polishes, 2 files, metallic nail stickers and a mini cosmetic bag for only €24,99!
In Belgium you can even find it at 'Kruidvat' for only €19,99.

It's really cool to get a beauty surprise every day, with a nice quote. I'm very pleased with this advent calendar, stunning colors of the nail polishes and well... it's an advent calendar = little presents every day! 'nough said!

Have you ever gotten a beauty advent calendar? 

Love, Rani


  1. This one looks great! It's really cute and there are so many nail polishes!

  2. have this one now, so excited to open it every day!


  3. I want a beauty advent soooo bad. And this one is cute!!! Gorgeous pictures rani!!

  4. Oh, de kleurtjes die je laat zien zijn echt supermooi! Ik was al bang dat het allemaal b-kleuren gingen zijn a la felroze, rood, geel,... :-D
    Heel mooi!

  5. Superschattige kalender! Ik wil hem zo graag hebben, want die kleuren zijn zo mooi! x


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