November 29, 2015

November Unboxing

I'm still alive! And I will explain soon why I'm so off the radar everywhere. I think daily posting will be back on track in about 2-3 weeks. Thank you to everyone who asked if I was okay, means a lot guys! But today I have the monthly unboxing for you!

This month the Styletone box was not mailbox size but an actual bigger package. Unlike other months this box focused on skincare (instead of make-up), so let's have a look!

This box was bigger because winter is coming and you have to take care of your skin in these months. Styletone introduced a lot of new products and brands in this edition.

What was in the box?
1) Gilda Cosmetic - 24h Cream (50ml, Full Size - €58,99)
"Gilda cosmetics is a Swedish luxury skincare line. The 24h cream is a balancing moisturizer that soothes and hydrates irritated skin. Its suitable for both day and night."

2) Green Pharmacy - Gentle Facial Wash Gel (270ml, Full Size - €5,99)
"The Green Pharmacy products don't contain any soap and are based on old herbal recipes. This facial wash gel is enriched with green tea extract."

3) Evolve, Organic Beauty - Radiant Glow Mask (30ml, Full Size - €13,30)
"Evolve creates organic and natural products from super food based ingredients. Their products are freshly made by hand and in small batches. This radiant glow mask contains raw cacao powder and coconut. The raw cacao powder revitalizes and purifies your skin, while the coconut granules buff your skin."

4) Bubble T - Hand Cream (300ml, Full Size - €12,95)
"At Bubble T they are obsessed with all things tea. The hand cream doesn't contain any paragons, sls or sles. It is infused with goji berry extract, almond oil and shea butter."

5) Cailyn - Matte Lip Tint (Full Size - €17,95)
"The Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint is waterproof, not sticky and has coverage that last all day."

I have to be honest, I do like the make-up boxes a tad more, but it was nice to get a skincare box. What I love the most is the hand cream, I immediately looked the brand up and I love it. This is a brand where I would definitely order some more from. (They have bath fizzies, bath bombs and bath spices, ahh!) I also really liked the lip tint and the mask. Well, I haven't tried the mask yet, but I'm happy that it was in the box - it just looks so promising. And a moisturizer and wash gel are always convenient, especially when the days get colder. This box really does has everything to survive the cold: from hand cream, to a mask and a moisturizer!

There wasn't really a big theme this month in the Deauty box.The scrub from the last photo was also in the box, but I forgot to photograph it in the first one.

What was in the box? 
1) Oral-B - 3D White Luxe Whitening (75ml, Full Size - €4,99) 
"This toothpaste is an addition to the regular routine, it should be used after your normal toothpaste to make your teeth whiter."

2) T. Leclerc - Mascara Volume Effet Bloom (Full Size - €22)
"This mascara creates a false lash effect. The applicator curls the lashes for a spectacular effect and the intense pigments with bees wax give extra volume."

3) Body&Bess - Facial Scrub (75ml, Full Size - €29,95) 
"This scrub is made from raspberry seed oil. The oil has several benefits for the skin because it is enriched with vitamin A and E, antioxidants and omega 3 and 6. The scrub is soothing, hydrating and the raspberry seeds work as scrub particles."  

4) Vita Verde - 30 Cotton Pads with Cornflower water (Full Size - €4,49)
"These cotton pads are the answer to dark circles and tired eyes. The cotton pads are 98,5% natural, with ingredients like cornflower water and vitamin E."

5) Library Of Fragrance By Demeter - Jasmine Cologne Spray (30ml, Full Size - €25)
"Library Of Fragrance By Demeter is creator of fine scents from New York. They have almost 300 scents that are familiar to everyday life. The first unique fragrances they launches were: "dirt", "grass" and "tomato". They want you to mix 'n match your own scent, but you can of course also just use the perfumes separately."

( EXTRA: 6) Talika - Huile Vitale (1,5 ml, Sample)
This is an introduction for the Deautistas that didn't knew the oil yet. It nourishes, protects and soothes the skin.")

Only full size products in this box, that really makes me happy. My favorite is definitely the mascara, because I love T. Leclerc, it's a really nice pharmacy brand. I used to only use their foundation. I personally really like the variety in this box: toothpaste, cotton pads, mascara, scrub and cologne. The scrub smells heavenly, and I can't wait to try it out. The cologne isn't a scent that I would use for myself, but we have a thing here that we always spray perfume, burn candles or use room scents for the bathroom. And this really is one of those fresh scents that is also great as a room spray. 

Deauty - November '15 Box (€16,95)

The two boxes were very nice again. Styletone had a very expensive edition with lots of new brands and skincare. It was nice to switch things up for once. The first Deauty box was a bit of a letdown, but last month Deauty was my favorite and this month it's also pretty good because they're all products I (or someone here) will use or that are fun to try out. 

Both great boxes again, but I know that a lot of you are very into make-up, there wasn't much make-up this month. But next month Styletone will be make-up as usual and Deauty probably 2/5th, but you never know.

Do you have a subscription to a box?

Love, Rani


  1. The products look great, I tried the hand cream and it smells so good and it also feels so soft. I really like the pictures too.

    Glad you are back ;)

    I was a nit dissapointed by the styletone box actually :( I have an abo because I like the makeup boxes and I don't want to get a lot of skincare.

    Hope next month will be better :)


  3. Ik heb al heel lang geen Deauty box meer gehad tot nu (de maand november) en ik moet zeggen, ik ben aangenaam verrassend met de inhoud.

    De andere box (Styletone) kende ik nog niet. Ziet er ook goed uit.

  4. Looks like a great box! Gorgeous photos rani!! Everything looks so good.


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