December 21, 2015

Caption - Burgundy Nails

What is the color that comes to mind when you hear "Christmas nails"? Is it a deep burgundy? That is the color that immediately popped up in my head and Caption has exactly such a color. Perfect for the holidays!

Do you remember Caption? I wrote about the brand some time ago. The nail polishes dry immediately and there is a special way to apply it (read all about it here). 
So the only thing I need to show you is this pretty color, it's called "Am I Right Or Am I Right?". Totally right about the fact that this is an amazing burgundy color, and combined with the pretty Caption gel look it makes it the perfect holiday nail polish.

Caption - Base Coat (€15,95)
Caption - Color in color Am I Right Or Am I Right? (€16,95)
Caption - Top Coat (€15,95)

I hadn't used my Caption nail polish for a while, because the coral color that I have isn't really fall or wintery. And when I tried this one, I was again pretty amazed by the incredible quick drying time and the shiny gel look. Lisha from also tried different brands between the top and base coat, and it works just as well she wrote. So I am pretty curious to try this myself!

What nail polish are you going to wear for Christmas?

Love, Rani


  1. This color is really pretty and like you said it's just the perfect color for Christmas!

  2. wauw ik hou van deze kleur ziet er goed uit liefs

  3. Dat is zo een mooie kleur, ik wil het merk graag eens proberen! x


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