December 22, 2015

Disney Gift Guide

3 days before Christmas, and I have to admit that I'm going out today to buy my last gifts. I know I'm not the only one that needs to do some last minute shopping, so here I am with a new gift guide. And not the least, a Disney gift guide!

Let's start with gifts for the kids. There are so many things to choose from for kids! There are princess dresses, wands, jammies, slippers, jewelry, lots and lots of toys and games and of course plush toys. 

Frozen is still a big hit with the kids (and to be fair, even I still sing along when I hear 'Let It Go'). Olaf was my favorite character of the movie and this pretty Olaf plush is just so adorable! But even more adorable, let's say uber-cute are the Tsum Tsums. Little versions of  Disney characters. I got this little Stitch and oh boy, I can feel my hoarding issues coming up. There are so many of these and there also is a Christmas gift box of 8 Tsum Tsums with little Christmas hats and scarfs - ahhh, that's just too cute. (Where is that money flying emoji?)

Disney also thought about the teens. Teens are hard to buy gifts for, but Disney has sorted it out. They have biker jackets, socks, Tsum Tsum mugs (want!), bracelet pens, school agendas, water bottles, snow globes or bobble heads for example. I really like these gifts, they're goofy in a fun way and I would absolutely love to get something like this under the Christmas tree. 

I got a Star Wars tumbler, which makes a great gift for teen boys (and girls) who love Star Wars. (The new movie is a hit by the way, I heard nothing but good about it.) This is such a cool Star Wars tumbler, it has glitter and floating Alliance Starbirds. This makes me a bit nostalgic. I remember having a tumbler when I was younger and when I got this, I immediately looked if there is a girlier tumbler and well, there is a Tsum Tsum tumbler! Now I don't know what to get for myself, a mug or a tumbler? (And no, you are definitely never too old for a tumbler.)

And Disney even has gifts for adults. 
My favorite items include Essentiel items like an Alice In Wonderland bag, sweater or clutch. There even are Alice Vans. And for guys there is this musthave Star Wars Christmas t-shirt. There also are non-clothing gifts of course like notebooks, USB drives, phone cases or a big selection of 'home and bedtime' items. Mugs, throws and bauble sets like the one I have. This is a bauble set with 6 baubles in 3 colors, they are all plastic (so no worries if you have kids/cats playing around) and have the prettiest drawings on them. This is a really nice set and gift. It gives that playful touch to your tree. 

Frozen Olaf with Snowgies Plush (€14,90)
Stitch Tsum Tsum Plush (€5)
Star Wars tumbler (€8,90)
Mickey Mouse & Friends Bauble Set (€24,90)

I loved writing about this gift guide, maybe you'll see more Disney posts in the future. (When I collected my 50th Tsum Tsum?) Perfume is nice to give of course, but Disney has a special place in all of our hearts and the gifts are so fun and not expensive. You can also personalize some items like dolls, phone cases, body suits or backpacks. 

What do you think about these gifts? About Disney gifts?

Love, Rani


  1. I really love the Star Wars tumbler, you're never too old for that. I would drink from it all the time. But all these Disney things are really cute!

  2. zo onwijs leuk! leuke foto's ook en oh frozen wil ik ook weer een keer zien!

  3. Love it all!!!! My son love his little olaf like that. It goes everywhere. BEautiful pictures rani as usual!!!! Really like the star wars cup too!

  4. Foto's zijn mooi en weer een leuke gift guide!

  5. These are so cute! If I hadn't already bought all my Chrisrmas gifts I would buy them all haha. Merry Christmas!

    xo Carbar | Hello Carbar

  6. Omg hoe mooi is dat! Ik wil een Disney kerstboom!


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