July 24, 2015


I have this problem with nail polishes... I just can't wait until the layers are dry, and cake on too much. So I usually have imprints and bubbles on every nail. But I recently discovered a new brand of nail polish that solves my problem.
Meet Caption!

Today's line-up: a Caption base coat, the color and a top coat!
I went for the color 'C'mon Now', a salmon/coral/pinkish tone. A summer proof color.

Caption is a label that jumped aboard the gel-that-isn't-really-gel-at-home-trend. They promise a long-lasting effect, up to 2-3 times longer than other nail polishes. It's as hard as gel, but you can simply remove it with your ordinary nail polish remover. And very important: it's touch dry in seconds. The most important thing they promise is that you can go to bed as soon as your nails are dry, and you won't wake up with any prints of the sheets on your nails. Doesn't that sound amazing?

What I didn't knew is that you have to apply these nail polishes a little different. These are the differences:

- The brush is thicker and wider. (More nail polish on the brush.)
- You have to work with a good amount of polish on the brush, if you apply it too dry there will be stripes. 
- One stroke is enough. If you apply too many strokes, it will give a bad result because of the quick drying time.
- Work with one bottle at a time. So start with the base and do all 10 fingers at once. 
- After applying the coat to your 10 fingers the polish isn't completely dry, but it's ready for the next coating.
-Always use your base and top coat.
-Don't leave your bottle open! It will quickly become dry and the nail polish will give stripes.

So, my experience with Caption...
I'm very pleased with the result, a pretty, even color that looks like it's done at a salon. What I personally think that the best thing about it is, is that it dries so quickly. I'm one of those girls who doesn't have the patience to wait until every layer is dry, so I often have little bubbles on my nail polish. But not this time, in 10 minutes I was done with my little mani and they came out looking great. Hurray! It also stays very long on my nails, for about a week. It only wears off at the top of my nails. 

Caption - Base Coat (€15,95)
Caption - Color in color C'mon Now (€16,95)
Caption - Top Coat (€15,95)

There are 60 colors and 18 top effects in the range, that's a lot. There are a lot of colors that I really like, so I'll probably buy some more because it's the perfect nail polish for me. No more bubbles, quick and easy - what's not to love?

Did you know Caption?

Love, Rani


  1. The nail polish looks beautiful! I really like the color. I didn't know Caption so I looked them up and they have so many cool colors!

  2. Heel mooi! Mooie kleur ook!

  3. Ik hoor de laatste tijd steeds meer over Caption. De gellook-trend vind ik echt heel leuk en keuze uit 60 kleurtjes, wauw!

  4. I thought I was the only one who was too impatient to let each layer dry. Darn those bubbles! I found myself nodding a lot to this post. I am notorious for going to bed when my nails are still not dry. Those look like a great set of polishes! Great post Rani!!!! :)


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