December 24, 2015

New Years Gift Guide

So after all of the Christmas guides, here is a New Years gift guide (or even a very last minute Christmas guide). In the time between New Year and Christmas almost every day is booked with dinners and parties. So New Years gifts are often quick and easy like flowers and chocolates. But we can do better! That's why I dedicated a post to gifts from - easy and quick too! recently updated their luxe collection for the holidays. There is a lot of choice: jewelry, watches, bags,... And they also added Chanel, Dior, Estée Lauder and Hermès.

I got the Vitalumière Aqua foundation from Chanel. A lot of people told me this is a good foundation, so I am very curious about this one. I have the color "22 Beige Rosé", and I haven't tried it yet, but swatched on the arm I think the color matches really well. 

Most people buy perfume or body care as a gift, but I went this year for (Chanel) make-up for my mom and I personally also prefer make-up. You just have to browse through some photos of the person you're getting it for and see what colors they like. You can't do anything wrong with a pretty burgundy lipstick, a blush or an eyeshadow palette. 

Wallets are a classic gift. There are pretty leather wallets for men, but there also are so many models for women. This one is a pink/beige leather wallet from Kipling. I absolutely love this one, it's minimalistic and still very feminine because of the light color. The inside has a checkered blue and white lining. And, very important to me, it has a zipper pouch inside where you can keep your change. I really dislike wallets with a click system for change. It always opens, resulting in coins everywhere in your bag. This would make a perfect Christmas/New Years gift.

Chanel - Vitalumière Aqua in 22 Beige Rosé (€40,20)
Kipling - Wallet 
Available at

I'm loving these gifts. They're much more personal than flowers or chocolates, and easy because you can just order them online and they will be delivered the next day to your door.

What gifts do you normally buy for New Year? 

Love, Rani


  1. Normally I would also buy flowers for New Year but buying something more personal is great idea. And you can find almost everything on Also, the wallet you got is really pretty!

  2. That foundation is great!! :) gorgeous pictures!!!

  3. Bij Kipling denk ik al snel aan die gigantische rugzakken, maar het tegendeel wordt hier bewezen. Zo'n mooi en luxe cadeau.

  4. Oh hoe leuk! Je hebt helemaal gelijk. Ik kocht ook meestal bloemen, maar iets persoonlijk krijgen is véél leuker en eigenlijk even duur. :)


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