November 4, 2015

October Unboxing

I'm sorry for being late with this post, because of a strike I got my boxes very, very late and some of them haven't even arrived yet! So for October it will only be Deauty and Styletone, luckily both of the boxes were great!

A lot of great products in the boxes this month as you can see, let's start with Deauty!

Deauty surprised me this month! Last month there were 5 products, but 2 of them were little samples. This month there was only one sample, and it was deluxe, so I'm very happy! This Deauty box is all about taking care of your face, because it's slowly getting colder.

What was in the box?
1) Unani - Il-luminate Serum (20 ml, Sample)
"This Il-luminate serum is a powerful and concentrated serum with hydrating ingredients who transform the skin immediately. It also contains a 'boost' of collagen that protects against skin aging."

2) Naobay - Renewal Antiox Eye Contour Cream (20ml, Full Size - €24,99)
"The high concentration cinnamon extract and Aloë Vera have antioxidant qualities, but also stimulate the microcirculation around your eyes. Dark circles will be gone in no time. Naobay products don't contain parabens, are not tested on animals and contain 98,89% natural ingredients."

3) MeMeMe - Dew Pot (Full Size - €9,87)
"This eyeshadow with creamy texture is essential if you want to accentuate your eyes. You can use it alone, or in combination for a smokey look. The Dewy Pots will definitely take care of that extra sparkle!"

4) Merci Handy - Tendresse & Baume à Levres (Full Size - €8)
"100% natural lip balm, enriched with rice wax. The balm is not sticky and doesn't contain any colorants."

5) Diadermine - Hydra Balance Moisturizer (50 ml, Full Size - €6,79)
"The Diadermine moisturizer has a light and absorbing formula with vitamin E for intensive hydration. It mattifies the skin and contains UVA/UVB filters."

( 6) Extra Eucerin - Hyaluron-Filler Sample, not counted on the Deauty Menu. )

I'm very happy with this months box. The lip balm smells wonderful and feels nice and soft on the lips. I'm the happiest with the little MeMeMe dew pot. MeMeMe is a really cool brand, that isn't too expensive. I never tried their dew pots, but I really like this one. It has a very creamy and soft feeling and an intense sparkle. Perfect to spice up your look (the holidays are coming!). The third product that I really liked was the Diadermine moisturizer, it's a brand that my mom uses regularly, so it's nice that now I can try it out too. I haven't tried the serum or eye cream yet.

The second box: Styletone! Because it's October the box was filled with new brands and autumn essentials. 

What was in it?

1) Sponge Me - Konjac Sponge (Full Size - €9,95)
"Sponge Me is made of 100% pure Konjac powder, a root-based vegetable that the Japanese traditionally use to detox. It also contains red clay. The sponge cleans, exfoliates, moisturizes and revitalizes your skin."

2) Cargo Cosmetics - Brow Kit (Full Size - €24)
This is a two-in-one brow kit. "The long wearing brow powder helps fill in, shape, correct and emphasize the natural arch of the brow. A color-coordinated tinted wax tames and sets the brow-hair."

3) 'tiny Beauty - Special Edition Liptini (Full Size - €17,95)
"'tiny Beauty is called that way because the mix and combine multiple products to achieve a custom result, like a cocktail! This liptini is a lipstick, but also a cheek stain."

4) Three Custom - Lip Pencil (Full Size - €15,95)
"This lip liner might be a bit hard at first, so swipe the colour a few times on the back of your hand, you body heat will melt the product slightly and the lip liner will glide on smoothly. Three Custom is the place to go if you want to create your own shade."

5) Ciaté - Nail Polish (Full Size - €9,95)
"This is one of the 10 autumn colors. Ciaté has amazing shades, who are highly pigmented and extra glossy."

A lot of different make-up products in this box! I still absolutely love the fact that all of these brands are cruelty free, I have discovered 4 new brands because of this box actually. My favorites are the lipstick, nail polish and lip liner. The lipstick has a nice pigmentation and feels soft. At first I was not really happy with the lip liner, until I read that you should swipe it first to "heat it up" with your body temperature. After that I had no problems swatching the lip liner and it has a pretty color too! Ciaté has such cute nail polishes, so that doesn't need an explanation. I haven't tried the sponge yet, but the brow kit is quite nice too. The powder feels very soft, is very pigmented and the wax is also colored. Overall a very nice box again!

Deauty - October '15 Box (€16,95)
(If you order through this Styletone link I get points, and I can keep doing these unboxings for you.)

Styletone had again a lovely box, but Deauty was the big surprise. This month was so much better than last month! A lot of people have asked me questions about which box is better, but it really depends on your own preferences. Do you like make-up and skincare? Then I would go for Deauty. Are you more into make-up alone, then Styletone. But both boxes give you (a lot more) value for money.

Oh, good thing to know: the November Styletone box (so this month) is package post instead of mailbox, so I'm very, very curious about this months box!

Love, Rani


  1. I really like the unboxing posts! The Liptini is a beautiful color for you!

  2. Mooie dingen zaten er in de boxen, ik denk dat ik voor kerst een abo ga vragen. :-)

  3. Ik heb mijn Deauty box zelfs nog niet :( stak er ineens een briefje in de bus en ik ben de hele dag thuis geweest, typisch!

    1. Ja ik heb nog al gehoord dat de post dat soms doet. Gelukkig hebben wij een toffe postbode haha!

  4. Jemig, wat een ontzettend mooie producten allemaal!

  5. Looks like a fantastic box! THat lipstick really caught my eye! So pretty!!! Thanks for sharing this!!! Gorgeous photos!!!

  6. Ik heb al eens een Deauty abonnement gehad en nam nu eens een abonnement op de Styletone box. Ik ben benieuwd!

  7. LOVE Deauty boxes! The highlights of my month :-)

  8. Ah de inhoud ziet er super uit! Wat heb je ook mooie foto's gemaakt!


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