November 11, 2015

Benefit - Sun Beam

Benefit highlighters = so much yes! I can proudly call myself the owner of 4 Benefit highlighters. There is only one more Benefit highlighter that I haven't got yet (the Fine One One), but you can expect a review on that one too, because Benefit highlighters are great. But today I'm swatching the Sun Beam for you, an underrated highlighter in my opinion, so let's take a look!

Sun Beam is the sun in a jar. It's a golden bronze complexion highlighter that gives you a sunkissed radiance. You can wear this alone, lightly dabbed on the cheekbones or you can wear Sun Beam over your bronzer, to give it a glow. 

Sun Beam immediately reminds of High Beam (review of High Beam and High Brow Glow here), they have the same bottle and of course both beam in the name. Their formula is very similar, but the colors are totally different. High Beam is a cool, pink highlighter and Sun Beam has a warm, golden tone. Because they are siblings, I swatched them both for you, a big difference in color, but both are so pretty and incredibly pigmented. I wear High Beam all the time, almost every day. But since I have Sun Beam, I switch now and then between the two. They also make great bases for powder highlighters by the way!

At first I was scared that Sun Beam would be too dark for me, and I think that is the reason why this highlighter isn't as hyped as the others. But when you lightly pat it on the cheekbones it gives a really nice glow. I have a warmer skin tone, but cool, pale skin tones can wear this too. I also found an article from Beautygloss where she wears it, and I do think that it suits every skin tone.

Benefit - Sun Beam (€27,15 - available at Inno)
Benefit - High Beam (€27,15 - available at Inno)

Sun Beam is a lovely golden bronze highlighter that is too underrated. It's glowy, pigmented and one of my favorite liquid highlighters. (High Beam stays the number 1 liquid!) I often wear it over my bronzer to make it more interesting or use it as a base. I mostly use it as a base actually, a pretty golden highlighter base!

Do you like golden highlighters?

Love, Rani


  1. This highlighter is really pretty! I like the golden tone and the packaging is pretty too.

  2. Jaaa, deze staat nog op mijn wishlist! :D

  3. OMG, I am such an highlighter addict! I allready have Sun beam and I LOVE it!
    But now I also want High beam :D
    Damn Rani, I spend a fortune because of you! :D


  4. Sun Beam ziet er echt prachtig uit, die zou ik ook nog wel eens willen kopen! :)


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