November 10, 2015

ABH - 5 Pieces Kit

I wanted to try out so many Anastasia Beverly Hills products including the tweezers, brush and brow powder duo. Then I saw this 5 piece kit in a cute bag and it was just perfect, it even costs about the same as when I would have purchased the products alone.
So today I'm showing you my Anastasia staples!

This kit includes:
- a pretty bag, with rose gold logo and compartments inside
- tweezers
- clear brow gel
- duo brush mini #7
- brow powder duo in a color you choose

This is thé perfect starterskit for everyone who wants to learn shape their eyebrows. It has all the basics in one kit.

There is a card that explains all steps, but I'll quickly sum it up. First, choose the stencil that fits your face the most - and that you like. By using the tweezers, you can remove hair outside the stenciled area. Then, using the duo angled brush, fill in the arch with the Brow Powder duo. (You can switch these two steps, whatever works best for you!) The last step is to apply the Clear Brow gel in upward strokes to hold the shape of the brow all day. It really is a brow 101 for everyone, it's definitely not too hard and practice makes perfect!

The brow gel is okay, but not my favorite. Nothing can compete to the Dior Browstyler. It's not bad, but just not for me, I have some eyebrow hairs that only Dior can tame. 

The stencils were actually really fun to use, after using it a couple of times I learned to shape my brows slightly different, but as a whole it makes a big difference. I used the Petite arch, that one suits me the best. 

The tweezers are one of my favorite things in this kit. How difficult is it to find good tweezers? Very! But these are really good and I have fully replaced all the tweezers by this one. 

Another great product is the angled #7 brush. You know that I love Zoeva, and I love their eyebrow brush, but this one is smaller and a tiny bit more pointy, and I just love using it. This brush definitely made me curious about the other brushes. 

The brow powder duo is the most important product in this kit. I went for the color dark brown and it perfectly suits me. It's a soft powder, and it has a great pigmentation. When I use this to fill in my eyebrows they have the right color, not too dark. You probably noticed that there aren't any swatches in this article today. That's because in a few days I will be doing a review about both the Dip Brow Pomade and this Brow Powder Duo! It's difficult choosing sometimes, so I thought a comparison would come in very handy. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills - 5 Piece Kit (€79,94 - available at

The kit holds products for about €135, without counting the bag - so it's definitely worth the money if you're looking for a starter kit that has it all. I got mine at, a Dutch webshop, so no customs. I hope to put the Dip Brow Pomade and Duo Brow Powder comparison and review online  next week, or the week after. So stay tuned! 

What eyebrow products do you use?

Love, Rani


  1. Haar Brow Wiz vind ik een fijn potloodje en ik heb ook die brow gel gekocht. Best goed, vind ik zelf, maar ik heb die van Dior nog niet geprobeerd. Poeders en pommades heb ik eigenlijk niet voor mijn wenkbrauwen, ik ben daar wat te lui voor, haha.

  2. It looks beautiful! The bag is nice plus to this set. And your pictures are great as always!

  3. Lijkt me een fijne kit om kennis te maken met dot merk, ik hoor er vaak veel goeds over!
    XOXO esmee

  4. looks like such a cute kit!!! love the pictures Rani!!! :)

  5. Rani! Wat doe je m'n portefeuille aan! Weeral een prachtproduct dat ik wil hebben :D


  6. Oh dit is echt perfect voor starters, hoe leuk!!


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