October 23, 2015

& Other Stories - Nail Polishes

A tiny post today. Just showing you three very different autumn colors of the & Other Stories make-up range.

The three colors I got are:

Abrasion Indigo: a bright, sapphire blue.
Nubby Sand: a very pretty beige-nude.
Intaglio Onyx: a black nail polish.

I already reviewed some & Other Stories nail polishes a while ago, do you remember? The packaging is still the same, minimalistic and pretty. Back then I said that the sticker comes off easily and doesn't make the jar sticky. It doesn't feel sticky, but when I was painting my nails on my bed, I noticed that dust and little fluffs collected against the bottle where the sticker used to be. So now I will try to clean the cap first with nail polish remover. I'll let you know how that went!

The lightest color needed three layers, but this beige only needs two. Did they work on their formula? These apply easier and cover better. Nubby Sand is my favorite color of all three: elegant, wearable to your work and goes with every outfit.
I also love that they have a nice shine, almost as if I'm wearing a top coat.

(All of the swatches are two layers.)

& Other Stories - Nail Polishes in (€7)

A little post, but with pretty products. I really like & Other Stories for their clothes and shoes, but their beauty range is also really nice.
I'm already looking forward to the winter collection!

Which color do you like best?

Love, Rani 


  1. These are gorgeous!! I am loving the sapphire blue!!

  2. Nubby Sand also is my favorite, but the other two look great as well!

  3. De elektrisch blauwe kleur is mijn favoriet, zo mooi!

    x Karen

  4. love the black and nude one!!!!

  5. Very pretty polish! I love the blue. Beautiful pictures as always!!!


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