April 13, 2015


& Other Stories is a gorgeous store, with amazing clothing. But they also have a beauty range! Ready to discover it?

 Let's start with the nail polishes. I got two summery colors: Interlace Blush and Welding Green. 
The packaging is absolutely great. It's simple and minimalistic, just as & Other Stories is! 
There is a sticker with all the info that you have to take off before you can use it. Luckily it comes off easily, so no worries about sticky polishes. And tada, the package is now even prettier! 

Welding Green is super pigmented, I could have used only one layer, but I used two on the picture for a slightly better effect.
Interlace Blush needs three layers to get the effect on the photo, and even after three layers it's not yet as Welding Green is after two layers. But I do love that light color, it looks really sophisticated.

Up next is the blush. Or lip tint. It's both! 
I used it as a blush because, well it just seems more of a blush to me. The name is Pucker Coral, and it really has a coral color. When I touched the blush it felt wet and smooth, just like it looks. But when I put it on my cheeks it instantly went powdery, that was a surprise! It looked really good, just as a powder blush. 


First: Lipstick "Sempiternum Brick"
Second: Blush/Lip Tint "Pucker Coral"

As you can see Pucker Coral and the lipstick Sempiternum Brick do look a bit like each other! 
However on the lips it's not. Sempiternum Brick is really, really pigmented. It has a demi-mat finish - gorgeous!
I do think it's a pretty color, even if it don't really fits me. And the quality is just really good. 

Nail Polishes - €7 each 
Blush/Lip tint "Pucker Coral" - €15
Lipstick "Sempiternum Brick" - €15

Everything is available at the & Other Stories store or at their webshop online.

What do you think about these colors? And have you tried anything from their beauty range already?

Love, Rani


  1. Die lippenstift is écht mooi! En die glans van de nagellak mooi!

  2. Amazing colors!
    XOX, Gap.

  3. I really love the nail polishes! Normally green isn't my colour, but this one is so pretty!

  4. Adore this post, adore the beauty!


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