May 7, 2015


The post where a lot of you have been waiting for: swatches and a review of the Dior Tie Dye lipsticks!

Yesterday I showed you the nail polishes (here) and the day before the whole Tie Dye collection (including the gorgeous blush, eyeshadow palette, and kohl pencil). If you haven't seen that one, you HAVE to check it out here, the collection is stunning! 
Last in line we have the lipsticks: I saved my favorite beautyproduct for last!

Let's start with the packaging. The packaging is in the true Dior Addict style. And I absolutely love it, it's so original, and there just isn't anything comparable to these designs. What I also love about these is that the lipstick packages also have a tie dye effect! You can see it very clearly when you hold it in the right angle towards the light. Blue - purple - pink - orange - yellow - green, so pretty!
What's really special about the lipsticks itself is that there is a second contrasting color in it. Written in the well known 'CD'.

The fluid stick looks like a giant version of the lipsticks. And it has a "lipstick tip" shape in the clear part! 

About the colors and formula:
The colors are of course bright and summery. It's a sheer glossy lipstick, and that's exactly how I would describe it. The lipstick feels like it literally melts onto your lips. It feels so creamy and hydrating. And the 'CD' complimentary color gives the color a little twist. I would think it isn't noticable, but it is. Pleasantly surprised!

The fluid stick has a formula which is not sticky. (It's not a gloss!) It also feels fresh when you apply it, because it's made with water. I can't compare it to a lipgloss, because it's not, but it's much more pigmented than a gloss would be. 
It has a heart-shaped applicator, which is really pleasant to use. It also feels very soft.

Swatch time! First I want to show you the fluid stick. It's color 229 Beige Passion, and it gives a subtle nude look to your lips. But it's sheer enough to see your own lipcolor shine through. 

The first lipstick is 001 Red Bliss. This one looks less red on the lips than in the tube. You can also see that very clearly on the armswatches. It's not red, but a lovely shade of pink.

Second on is 005 Fuschia Utopia, and it also is a lot more toned down on the lips than in the tube. That is normal because it's a sheer, glossy lipstick. It's such a summery nude-pink color, I think a lot of you guys will like this one.

The last one is 006 Nude Fever, and this is the prettiest nude lipstick I own. It gives a lovely not-too-much gloss, and it adapts to your own lipcolor. 

The colors next to each other. From the top to the bottom:
001 Red Bliss
005 Fuschia Utopia
006 Nude Fever

229 Beige Passion

Dior Addict Tye Die in colors 001 Red Bliss, 005 Fuschia Utopia and 006 Nude Fever (€36,90)
Dior Addict Fluid Stick in color 229 Beige Passion (€38,03)

I think these lipproducts are perfect for summer. They are really hydrating (that's what you want in summer), and there is a shade for everyone!

So guys, what do you think about the lipsticks and fluid stick? 

Love, Rani


  1. The nude fever is my favorite as well, it's such a nice color! And I said it last time: the packaging is just so cool with all those different colors!

  2. wauw, ze zijn allemaal echt prachtig. Heelzomers inderdaad, ik zou de fuchsia wel graag hebben!

  3. Goregous colors, especially the pinkies!

  4. I love the packaging! Such pretty colors! Got to love Dior! Great post :)

  5. These are all so pretty, those nudes are simply to die for - xo Vionna

  6. Dit zijn mijn favoriete posts Rani, lippenstiften, ze zijn allemaal supermooi!

    xx Deborah


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