September 30, 2015

September Unboxing

There are so many boxes out there, and I get asked a lot which boxes are the best. That's why I'm doing a new monthly blogpost: an unboxing of different boxes, so you can decide which one fits you the best! 
This month: the September boxes from Look Fantastic, Scratch, Deauty, Styletone and My Little Box!

I have to say that it was really nice to discover these boxes for the first time. I absolutely loved getting the boxes. They are all little presents to yourself with a lot of surprises! I discovered a lot of new brands, products I already wanted to try, got coupons,... In sum: yay boxes!

Let's start with Look Fantastic. This box turned one this month, so my first box was immediately a giant birthday box! I didn't try out any of the products yet. And because this post is an unboxing and not a review, I'll just sum up the most important features of the products.

What was in it?
1) Bliss - Fabulous Foaming Face Wash (30ml, Travel Size) 
This little blue bottle is a '2-in1 cleanser and exfoliator that leaves skin soft and fresh.'

2) Tanworx - Tan Maintainer (60ml, Sample)
'Luxurious, non-greasy moisturizer, created specifically to prolong the life of your tan. With carrot, hyaluronic acid, coconut oil and seaweed.'

3+4) Sebastian - Shampoo and Conditioner (both 50ml, Sample)
'The penetraitt system is your hair savior. It guards it from stress and removes any signs of damage for super-strong, silky-soft hair.'

5) Phyto - Phytokeratin Extreme (30ml, Sample)
'Ultra-damaged, brittle and dry hair.'

6) Caudalie - Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum (10ml, Sample)
'Captures and diffuses water. Restores moisture balance of the skin and leaves it feeling soft and fresh.'

7) Caudalie - Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet (10ml, Sample)
'Immediate and long-lasting soothing action. Restores water reserves. Skin becomes stronger, softer and more comfortable.'

8) Codage - Scrubbing Cream (25ml, Sample)
'Rich and nothing emulsion made from fine organic rice. Suitable for sensitive skin.'

9) Extra coupons.

Okay whew, that was quite the list! I got a total of 8 deluxe samples, which is a lot. I don't know how many they normally put in their boxes, but we'll find out next month. I'm happy with the samples. Caudalie is one of my favoriet brands, and I hadn't tried out the Vinosource line, so I'm very curious about those. There is one sample that I actually did try out, the Cordage scrub, and I really love this one. It reminds me of the Rituals rice line because of the scent, but the texture is different. 

Pros and cons of this box:
Pro: There were a lot of samples, from known and less known brands. It's always fun to get something from a bigger brand you know and it's fun to discover a new one. The mix of these two is balanced out in this box. The box itself is also very pretty, and you can re-use it.
Con: No full size products. 

Next on is Deauty!
Deauty stands for Discover Beauty, and it's one the most well known boxes here in Belgium. The 'theme' of the box is Citytrip. And it arrived just in time because tomorrow I'm flying to Barcelona! 

What was in it?
1) Hairways Professional - Repair Conditioner (50ml, Travel Size - €8,90)
'Hairways is a new Belgian brand with haircare in only travel sizes. (!) The conditioner with sea buckthorn seed oil conditions, moisturizes and repairs all hair-types.'

2) Dove - Dermaspa Summer Revived (200 ml, Full Size - €7,99 )
'Bodylotion with natural, subtle self tanners who give you a spa-feeling and contain cell-moisturizers. Suitable for light-to-medium skin.'

3) Jane Iredale - Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain (1.5g, Sample)
'Forever Peach Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain is a multifunctional color for the lips and cheeks in a peach hue.'

4) Lancôme - Advanced Génifique (7ml, Sample)
'Youth activating concentrate - all skin types.'

5) Nuxe - Eau Micellaire (100ml, Full Size)
'Micellar Cleansing Water for face, eyes and lips with rose petals. For sensitive skin.'

5 products in this box, 3 full sizes and two little samples. Nuxe was a brand that I wanted to try out for a long time, but I never got to it. Now I have the eau micellaire, and I love micellar water. I use this almost every evening and I'm a big fan of the Guerlain and Eucerin ones. I just got this box yesterday in the mail, so I can't wait to try it out! Personally I'm not a tan-fan, but my mom loves self tanners, so she was very happy with the big Dove self tanner. It was also really cool to discover the new Belgian brand 'Hairways', and their philosophy of making only travel sizes is pretty cool too!

Pros and cons of this box:
Pro: Healthy balance between full sizes and samples. In the little menu there also is a lot of information including prices, full size prices and so on. This is important for me, because I do want to know what each product costs. It also has a pretty box with a Deauty bag, nice packaging.
Cons: The samples could have been better, an upgrade to deluxe samples would be nice.

One of my favorites! I was super happy when I got my Styletone box. 4 make-up products = heaven! This box was all about getting your beauty stack fall proof. Let's take a closer look at what was in the box:

1) Beebee - Powder Brush (Full Size, €19,95)
'Beebee is a new Dutch brand. Their slogan is "Everyone deserves a little luxury".'
This brush is one that is perfect to take with you. You can just pull it in, so no fall out in your bag! It feels supersoft and it has synthetic hairs. 

2) So Susan - Feather Lash Mascara (Full Size, €24,95)
'This mascara is thickening and delivers volume, length and long-lasting wear in one stroke. It's infused with amino acids to nourish and strengthen your lashes.'

3) Mullein & Sparrow - Tinted Lip & Cheek Balm (Full Size, €10)
'Sunflower oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and a few drops of essential oils for a fresh zesty scent. 100% natural and plant-based.'
This lip and cheek balm is very subtle, you don't really notice the color that well. I personally love the packaging a lot and the balm feels pleasant on my lips.

4) Timeless Truth - Sheet Mask (Full Size, €7-9)
'If you would ever take a facial at one of these most prestigious hotels in the world: Burj Khalifa, Armani Luxury Hotel or the Park Hyatt, you would get one with TT products!'
I got the Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask, and I haven't tried it yet, but the packaging says this: 'Totally unique and patented functionality cloth, that instantly brightens, smoothes, firms and hydrates the skin.'.

5) So Susan - Statement Skin (Full Size, €20,95)
I don't need to explain this little one, it's a highlighter. And you know how obsessed I am with highlighters. This is my favorite product out of all boxes, because it's simply gorgeous. I have swatched it below and wow, talking about glamming up those cheekbones! 

I'm incredible happy with this box, the highlighter alone makes it worth it. So if you want to order this box (the September box) you only have time until today! You can order here. The little balm is also very cute and the brush is perfect to take with you, so yes, I'm really happy with this box.

Pros and cons:
The biggest pro is that this box is Cruelty Free (!!) and only has full size products. That makes this one stand out for me. The little book you get with it is also very professional and fun to read. 
Cons: I couldn't think of a con, maybe that there isn't a reusable box?

Scratch is the fourth box I got. Scratch is an LA based nail wrap company. This actually isn't really a box, but a golden envelop. 

What was in it?
1) Scratch - Nail Wraps
When I ordered the box you could chose between three different motives of nail wraps. The package of nail wraps also came with a little file and stick to put the wraps on. 

Pros and cons of this box:
Pro: It's a cheap one, only $10. And boxes with only nail products aren't that easy to find!
Cons: When I ordered the box I thought there would be more products in it. On their website they also say that there will be other surprises like a nail polish for example, but this was everything I got. So I was a little dissapointed about this box, especially when you compare it to the other boxes. There is also no little book or even a note. They also have a $30 box, maybe that one is better.

Aha, another one of my favorites! My Little Box already looked so pretty on the website that I really wanted to unbox this one too. This month the box was called 'My Little Fashion Box'.

What was in it?
1) My Little World
A little magazine about all kinds of topics. In this issue: Netflix, interviews, an editorial, recipes, fashion tips. It's literally a little, pretty magazine! 

2) American Vintage pour My Little Box (€24)
I got a beautiful 'my little scarf', a white scarf with a blue pattern designed by American Vintage for My Little Box. A unique limited edition. It came in a very pretty little box with a drawing and ways to wear it on the back. 

3) Garancia - Pschitt Magique Nouvelle Peau (30ml, Full Size - €14,80)
'Cleans and transforms the quality of your skin.' It's a micropeeling.

4) Rene Furterer - Absolute Keratine, Ultimate Renewal Mask (30ml, Sample)

5) Red Dingue - Crème de Rouge My Little Beauty (Full Size - €22)
This was my second favorite product of all the boxes. This lip cream has a gorgeous color, dries perfectly matte and brings on very easy. I really like this one!

6) Alfa.k Néo-nail art (Full Size - €5,90)

Pros and cons of this box:
Pro: Everything is so pretty in this box, the cards, the packaging, everything is so well thought-out! (I use the box now to store some things like scissors, washi-tape, those things. 
The little things do it in this box, like the extra bag 'Trust me, you are lovely.' - seriously, how cute is this bag? - or the paper with 'Les plus belles robes sont portées pour être retirées.'. Those are the things that make it for me. Apart from that I got a lot in this box, a scarf and only full size products. Very, very enthusiastic about this box!
Con: Everything is in French. EDIT: There is an English version too! So you can choose. Now there literally are no cons!

Swatches of my two absolute favorite products that I just needed to show you!

Look Fantastic - September '15 Box (€20,85)
Deauty - September '15 Box (€16,95)
Scratch - September '15 Box ($10)
My Little Box - September '15 Box (€16,90)

I hope you guys all got a good sight of what each box offers and what their strengths and weaknesses are. My personal favorites are My Little Box and Styletone, but Deauty and Look Fantastic come as a very, very close second. Maybe I'll have other favorites next month, because these were only my first boxes ever. 

Did you like this blogpost? Which box is your favorite? And do you have a subscription on one?

Love, Rani


  1. The My Little Box is my favorite! All the things in it are so pretty and the box itself too. And the Red Dingue has such a beautiful color!

  2. Ik was aan het wachten tot hij online kwam! Superfijne post, ik heb nu echt wel een voorkeur voor bepaalde boxen!

  3. Really cool post, this makes me want to subscribe to a box!

  4. Yay!!! unboxing!!! love it!! that quote about champagne is my life. haha j/k. gorgeous photos!!

  5. fantatsisch artikel. het lijkt mij leuk om zon boxen te krijgen, ik dacht ook dat ze duurder waren!

  6. Dankzij jouw comment mijn keuze eindelijk kunnen maken en eeen abo besteld :)


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