September 6, 2015

YSL - Rouge Volupté Shine

Wanted for so long - and now I finally have two of these pretty YSL Rouge Volute Shine lipsticks!

Okay, you guys know me, and it's true. I mainly wanted them because of how gorgeous they look. But seriously, don't they look amazing? That gold casing, the color in the middle with the logo,... prettiest lipstick ever. When I wanted to put them with the rest of my lipsticks, I felt like I was doing something wrong. These babies need to get their own holder. And yes, I need to buy some more of these to fill the new holder. (The reasoning of a make-up hoarder exposed.)

I thought these lipsticks were going to be much more sheer, but they are well pigmented! And they give off a beautiful shine. The ladies at Planet Parfum (remember the big haul?) told me that these mix well, and they do. I have mixed them in both swatches and lip swatches. A beautiful new color, the perfect mid-fuchsia.

The lipsticks apply very well: smooth and covering. It tastes and smells like a candy something by the way, so good!

The first color I chose was 19 Fuchsia In Rage. I already saw this color online, and I loved it from the minute I laid eyes on it. So of course this was the first that went into my shopping bag. I'm really happy with this color, it's not too purple because it has that fuchsia-pink tone in it.

The other color I got was 5 Fuchsia In Excess. This is a soft red color, and I don't really see the fuchsia in it.

Both are beautiful, but they are also very pretty when mixed together!

YSL - Rouge Volupté Shine in 5 Fuchsia In Excess and 19 Fuchsia In Rage (€31,90/ available at Planet Parfum)

The urge to start collecting all of them is so strong, I think I'll start with the new limited editions of the fall metal collection. That #35, so pretty.

What lipstick is the prettiest you've ever seen?

Love, Rani


  1. These are really pretty! I really love the mixed color!

  2. Whoa, wat een gewaagde combo! Ik loop al weg van de kleur fushia tbh .. You rock it!

  3. i'm in love with the shades, looks so pretty!

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  4. Those are gorgeous lipsticks!!! :) love the colors! Beautiful pictures Rani!!

  5. Nummer 19 ziet er echt fantastisch uit!

  6. Wat een mooie kleuren!
    Ik vond de swatch van 5 + 19 echt heel mooi, maar op de lippen vind ik dat 19 wel overheerst, jammer.

    Lots of love,

  7. Wow wat zijn deze lippenstiften erg mooi! Ik vind nummer 5 wel een beetje tegenval als hij aangebracht is. Niet dat hij niet mooi is maar als je de lippenstift zo ziet, verwacht je een andere kleur.

    x Karen

  8. Mooiste verpakking ever! YSL weet wel hoe het moet, ik blijf er maar naar kijken. Ik had zelf een lichtere lipstick van deze Rouge Voluptés, erg mooi, maar soms een beetje té creamy en glibberig op mijn lippen.

  9. Wat een knalkleuren, maar hier hou ik van! En de verpakkingen zijn altijd zo mooi!


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