September 3, 2015

Thomas Sabo - Eau de Karma

Thomas Sabo has a new fragrance called Eau de Karma, I was very curious about the scent when I saw that pretty little bottle!

The packaging of fragrances is the first thing people notice, so let's start there.
The bottle is minimalistic, with a cap that looks like a bead from the Karma beads collection (see here). It has an 'Ohm' sign on it, just like the packaging, linking back to the karma theme. They tried to put the Far East in the packaging, and it does have that Indian touch.
In the perfume bottle is a pink quartz stone, that tinkles when you shake the bottle. A little something that makes it a bit more special!

The box is decorated with the wheel of karma, again available in jewelry form. 

About the scent.
The scent is very light, fresh and feminine. There are notes of apple, fresia and cassis. This resembles summer rain, refreshing and very welcome in hot summer days. The heart of the perfume has a soft elegance: lotus, roses and a dash of peony. There are also warm accents of amber, cedar, and musk. It's a composition that is in harmony. 

And I do smell the harmony. A fresh, feminine scent, but it's very full of with different notes. Yet it makes one peaceful composition.

Thomas Sabo - Eau de Karma (€34,95 for 30ml - available from 18 September 2015)

This isn't my first Thomas Sabo fragrance (Charm Rose Beach was), and I already know what I can expect from the perfumes. This perfume is very 'Thomas Sabo', feminine, light, fresh and young.

Have you ever tried a Thomas Sabo perfume?

Love, Rani


  1. The bottle looks pretty! That cap is so special, I really like it!

  2. Dit merk kende ik nog niet. Wederom prachtige foto's!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! ! That bottle is stunning!

  4. Het ziet er echt mooi uit! Ik ben nu wel heel benieuwd naar de geur. x Anne

  5. Oeh, klinkt als een heerlijke geur! Ik kende dit merk helemaal nog niet!

  6. Wat een mooie verpakking en de geur klinkt goed! Fijn zo'n vrouwelijke, lichte geur.

  7. Ahh zo'n mooie foto's <3 Jammer dat je er niet bij kon zijn op het Dr Martens event, had wel echt leuk geweest je te zien :D
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  8. Ziet er zo high end uit!!! nIIIIICE .. love it.

    Nice post! ;-)

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    Greets Jon

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