September 18, 2015

Eve Lom - Foundation & Concealer

Eve Lom is known for their skincare, especially their cleansers. But they also have a line of foundations and concealers, which I'm showing you today!

I went for a concealer and a powder foundation. 
Both have gorgeous packagings. Eve Lom's products are always gold and white, and it looks so good.   When I ordered I didn't know the brand, but it was the professional and pretty packaging that made me want to try it out. 

The foundation I chose is a powder one, and it's called 'Natural Radiance Mineral Powder Foundation'. There are 6 shades, and I went for Ivory. I really dislike it when I purchase a foundation and it's too dark. I'd rather have a lighter one and bronze it up. So I went for Ivory. And when I got it, I was happy. The color of the powder is almost the same as the foundation I use now, so I thought it was a fit. But as it turns out, the powder is so much lighter when you use it. It was almost as if I was wearing a big layer of my Guerlain Meteorites. I should have gone with Beige...

The powder is loose and the box has a turn system. So you can close your foundation, take it with you in your bag and it won't explode when you open it afterwards. 

The foundation is made from 100% natural ingredients and has light-reflecting amethyst, ruby and rose quartz, while fruit stem cells hydrate and regenerate deep down. What I felt and saw is a foundation that is radiant. Really, you can see it on the swatch below. It really has some resemblance with the Guerlain Meteorites, but in foundation form! It's also very buildable, so you can choose the coverage. 

The concealer has a pump system like the YSL Touche Eclat, but works actually better. With my YSL, I always have to press several times and after the fourth time there comes out too much. With this one it's one push and one amount of product. This concealer is called 'Light Illusion Concealer' and it's perfect for highlighting! I picked out the lightest color because I love highlighting with such brush-concealers. (My YSL isn't light enough to highlight.) 

You can see on the swatch below that it's a very light color, that's very easy to blend. 

I have used the tiniest amount of foundation powder, but you can see the light-reflecting pigments. And the color is so light! I think I will make a lot of you fair girls happy, because these truly come in very, very light shades. 

The concealer is perfect for highlighting, it also looks radiant, but a bit less than the foundation. These two make a really good combination.

Eve Lom - Natural Radiance Mineral Powder Foundation in Ivory 2 (£45 = €61,37)
Eve Lom - Light Illusion Concealer in Alabaster 1 (£30 = €40,90)

Girls with a very fair skin: I found the perfect powder foundation for you! And I like both products. The concealer not so much for concealing, but rather for highlighting and the foundation is just so radiant.

Do you prefer powder or liquid foundation?

Love, Rani


  1. The gold makes it look really classy! One of the prettiest packagings I've seen!

  2. Wauw, prachtig effect, jammer dat het de foute kleur is.


  3. beautiful, ooh i really love the radiance! gorgeous!

  4. Heel mooie post! Ik kende het merk nog niet, maar het ziet er heel leuk uit!

  5. Leuk, weer een merk waar ik nog niet eerder van gehoord had!


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