September 14, 2015

The Balm - Nude Dude

I recently got a lot of new palettes, some Urban Decay, Zoeva and one from The Balm, called Nude Dude. It's the newest addition to the Nude series, so I was very curious!

The Balm is one of those brands whose packaging you immediately recognize. It always has that 50s-60s feeling. When I got my first The Balm product (Mary-Lou of course), I didn't really liked the packaging that much. But now that I got some more I can definitely appreciate the packagings. And I actually even like them now, they're original ànd characteristic of this brand. 

the balm nude dude review

About the packaging.
The front is pretty and actually very calm for The Balm. Everything has neutral colors (like the colors in the palette). The backside already reveals the colors that are in the palette.

Inside there is a big mirror and there are - this is why I love The Balm's Nude line- some nude dudes! I think it's so original! The previous nude palette called Nude Tude is the same but with women instead of men. (I need to get my hands on that one as well.) There are 6 guys who are censored in the right places with the right colors. It also comes with a little black brush.

A closer look at the palette and colors.
When I ordered it, I didn't expect such pretty colors. There are two kinds of finishes: matte and shimmer. I personally like the shimmer eyeshadows more.

I really like the colors of this palette. I ordered it online, so I never saw them in real life. And it's so much better than expected. The colors are nude, but not too nude. I love that they are shimmery, pigmented and quite vibrant. And I know that I will hit pan on Firm, Faithful and Fit very soon. 

A little tip: the colors Fabulous, Faithful and Fit are gorgeous to put over your highlighter. If you have this palette, try this! It instantly gives your highlighter game a big boost!

the balm nude dude fearless flawless firm flirty friendly fierce fabulous faithful fit feisty funny fine

the balm nude dude fearless flawless firm flirty friendly fierce fabulous faithful fit feisty funny fine swatches

Swatches of course! 
The four mattes of this palette are: Fearless, Flawless, Feisty and Friendly. They are less pigmented than the shimmery colors. Most of the shimmery colors are well pigmented. The intensity of pigment is different in each color. I think my three favorites also have the best pigment. 

The Balm - Nude Dude (€35)

Yes, I'm happy with my (and their) newest nude addition. The colors are shades that I use on a daily base. These colors just spoke more to me than the Nude Tude because they are warmer. But I can hear Nude Tude (and some others) calling my name too.

Have you ever tried some The Balm eyeshadows?

Love, Rani


  1. Flirty is so beautiful on the swatches, wow!

    x Daria

  2. Heel mooie kleurtjes! Ook een leuke verpakking!

  3. The packaging is so original, I really like it! And Fit is the color I like the most. It's really pretty!

  4. I only have to look at the packaging ;) haha
    Nice post! :)


    Littlest Fashion Show

  5. Ooooh wat een mooi doosje ! I want!

  6. ahahah the packaging is cute and funny!! :D

    Winn | ♥ | Instagram

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