September 13, 2015

Dior - Cosmopolite: Lips & Nails

And the third and final part of the Dior Cosmopolite collection: the nail polishes, lip gloss and lipsticks!

A lot of pretty things in this post!

I already own a Dior Fluid Stick, and when I first tried it I was very impressed by the watery, non-sticky formula. This is the color 'Avant-Garde', a 'my lips but better color' which I adore. I know I may not call it a lip gloss, but it's actually in my opinion an improved form of lip gloss. Quite pigmented and non-sticky, I wish all (non-)lip glosses were like this.

Lipstickssss! Rouge Dior Lipstickssss!
These are my first Rouge Dior's and I love the packaging in black and silver. They just look so classy, don't they? There are 5 very different shades, from beige to red to a very dark wine shade. Guess which one I got? Wine of course! I also got the beige-nude, but it didn't suits me that well, so I didn't took a lipswatch of it. 

The lipstick feels creamy and nourishing. And like most lipsticks with a shine it needs a little touch-up after a few hours. I'm really loving the shade Unique, there is another one called 'Continental', that I saw on some Dutch blogs and that one looked gorgeous as well.

Dior nail polishes are really good, they only need one or max two layers, and they have such original shades. Cosmopolite is a dusty red color with a cool undertone, a real fall color.  001 Miroir is a very unique shade that Peter Philips created. It's as the name says, a nail polish that imitates a mirror, for a shiny silver mirror effect. It covers perfectly in one layer. For Cosmopolite I used two.

Dior - Addict Fluid Stick in 499 Avant-Garde (€38)
Dior - Rouge Dior in 416 Voyageuse and 956 Unique (€38)

And that was it! Three days of Dior. How do you like the new collection? My favorites are the highlighter, the liquid eyeshadows and the wine lipstick. I feel totally prepared for fall now!

Love, Rani


  1. Great collection! The Miroir nail polish is one of my favorites of this collection.

  2. I really love that red lipstick! Very vampy and perfect for fall!

    xx Ashley

  3. Wat een mooie foto's en dat zilveren nagellakje is wel heel speciaal, het ziet er heel erg mooi uit

  4. Absolutely stunning!! That silver polish need to be in my life!! Wonderful post Rani!!

  5. Echt mooi die zilveren nagellak en die rode lippenstift, die ga ik zeker eens bekijken in de winkel x


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