September 15, 2015

Benefit - Watt's Up & Girl Mts Pearl

I love shiny highlighters, and today I have two of the most well known Benefit highlighters for you! 

I'm talking about Benefit Watt's Up and Girl Meets Pearl of course.

Benefit Watt's Up is a champagne highlighter with a cream-to-powder finish, and Girl Meets Pearl is a pearlescent golden-pink liquid highlighter with light-reflecting pigments. 

Benefit's products always have the most playful and happy packaging. Watt's Up looks like a silver-blue light bulb. It has two sides, one with the highlighter in stick form and one with a sponge to blend the product. But I personally prefer to use my fingers or a brush. 

Girl Meets Pearl has a pink-purple design. There is a drawing of a skyline on the sticker. The Girl Meets pearl has a liquid form and you need to twist the bottom to get some product. 

Let's be honest, don't these two look very aesthetically pleasing? 

The highlighter is way more intense than on these swatches. You can see that they both have a golden shimmer, but Girl Meets pearl has a more pink hue. Blended out Watt's Up has a lighter shade of gold than Girl Meets Pearl. (Very noticable in different lighting.) Watt's Up has much more shimmers. Girl Meets Pearl is more glowy than shimmery, but can be build up to a shimmery, sparkling highlighter because of the light-reflecting pigments. It really depends on the lighting, in camera flash lighting Watt's Up has a lot more shimmers, and Girl Meets Pearl has just a glow. In daylight there is less difference in shimmer between them.

Benefit - Watt's Up (€33,20 - available at Inno)
Benefit - Girl Meets Pearl (€31,15 - available at Inno)

As a highlighter addict all Benefit highlighters are necessary in my collection. All of these highlighters are amazing, and are the first I will recommend to someone. If you want an highlighter, you will find one that fits you at Benefit.

Do you have a Benefit highlighter?

Love, Rani


  1. They both are really pretty! But I like the Watt's Up a bit more because of the shimmers.

  2. Very nice review! I also love the package of benefit products :)


    Littlest Fashion Show

  3. Ohh wat zijn ze moooi! Vooral die Whatt's up!

  4. Those look awesome! Such gorgeous pictures!!! I really need to get a highlighter

  5. Oh wauw, wat een prachtige productfoto's heb je gemaakt! De producten lijken me ook heel fijn!


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