September 27, 2015

The Balm & Clinique - Liquid Eyeliner

My signature make-up look is a bold black wing with wine lips. I also do other looks of course, but I will always do the wing, always. 
Today I have a review of two liquid eyeliners, one from The Balm and one from Clinique!

clinique pretty easy liquid eyelining pen

I both like these eyeliners, but they are very different from each other. Let's take a closer look!

First: the Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen. This is actually a brand-new release, it was released together with the new Skinny Sticks a month ago (more about those very soon).

The Pretty Easy eyeliner comes in two colors: black and brown, I went for black of course. The pen has a pointy, thin and very precise tip. You can use the point for a very thin line, or push the brush a bit more flat and apply a thicker line. 

Clinique always pays attention to allergies and sensitive skin. So every product is tested for allergies and this eyeliner is also suitable for sensitive eyes. You can also wear it with contacts.

the balm schwing

Schwing from The Balm. Cute packaging as always? Check. The Schwing packaging is a baseball scene: three girls on a bench watching a game. The eyeliner itself is also shaped as a bat! "Bat those eyes" is a quote of the box. The packaging looks very original, and still not too much because a big part of it is black, perfect balance!

The applicator has a felt tip and a separate container with the liquid. (This is the kind of liquid liner that I always use.)

clinique pretty easy liquid eyelining pen the balm stewing swatches

Okay, comparing time! (Excuse the wobbly swatches, apparently I'm good at drawing wings, but not so good in a straight line on my arm. Oh well.)

Pretty Easy is very 'Clinique' and Schwing is very 'The Balm'. That means minimalism versus a 50s/60s style.
They are a different kind of eyeliner: Schwing is a liquid liner with a separate container with product, and Pretty easy is a pen liner.

Pretty Easy has a thinner and has a very flexible tip, while Schwing is a bit thicker and a bit more stiff.

Schwing has a more intense black shade than Pretty easy. They both are perfectly matte, but Schwing seems more matte because of the very dark black color. 

Lasting power:
They both last a full day with me. It may seem that Schwing lasts longer, but again, Schwing is much more darker than Pretty Easy. They both aren't waterproof.

Beginner or pro?
They're honestly both very easy to apply. I'm certain that any beginner can draw a nice wing with both of these products. They both have pros and cons, and you can only learn what fits you the most by trying the different styles out. 

clinique pretty easy liquid eyelining pen the balm schwing

The Balm - Schwing (€14,50)
Clinique - Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen (€22,50)

They're both very good and easy to use. What makes the biggest difference is the kind of liner (obviously: pen vs container), and the intensity of the color. 

What eyeliner do you use at the moment?

Love, Rani


  1. They both look great! The packaging of The Balm eyeliner looks really cool!

  2. I love the balms packaging!! Haha. So cute! I love pen applicators right now ,it is easier for me with a little one tugging on me. But I always will have a love for the wand applicator. Gorgeous pictures !!

  3. Beide zien er goed uit zeg! Ik gebruik op dit moment eentje van Catrice

  4. The Balm and Clinique, so different yet both look good! :-)


  5. Ik ga de clinique snel eens testen! Ik laat je zeker weten hoe ik hem vind ;)

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