September 26, 2015

Jo Malone - Mimosa & Cardamom

Jo Malone launches a new fragrance every year. Last year it was 'Wood Sage & Sea Salt' and it was a big succes. When I first smelled the new fragrance, I was sold. 
Meet the Mimosa & Cardamom cologne.

"Mimosa & Cardamom captures the bohemian spirit. Modern and mesmerising, evocative and sensual.
This bohemian spirit leads back to an era when intrepid British travellers explored the globe bringing
back exotic treasures. This was also the time of Orientalism when artists were
inspired by the unique exoticism of the Middle East seeing it as colourful, sensual and vivid."

Top note: Cardamom 
Heart note: Mimosa
Base note: Tonka Bean

Mimosa & Cardamom is an unusual yet perfect pairing; the vibration of the cardamom with the sensual
softness of mimosa. They are both radiant. Mimosa is the warm sun, cardamom the bright light.  
– Marie Salamagne, Master Perfumer

Mimosa and cardamom is indeed an unusual pairing, the scent is also not as you would expect it to be. It's not flowery, and it's not spicy. It's in perfect harmony. That's what I like most about Jo Malone London, the scents are so original and well combined, but also very wearable. 

The perfume smells really sweet, and you can pick up the cardamom and mimosa, but it's not too overpowering. As I said, it makes a perfect harmony.

Jo Malone - Mimosa & Cardamom Cologne (€47)

This one smells so delicious. I spayed my sheets with it, because it has a warm, sweet scent. I really want the candle of this fragrance, so my whole house can smell like this. (And I don't have to spray my perfume bottle empty.)

Have you smelled this perfume? Go give it a try!

Love, Rani


  1. I'm very curious about this one! Jo Malone has has great perfumes so this one will smell great too!

  2. Sounds like a great smell. Love your photos! You take the most gorgeous pictures! The bottle is really pretty

  3. Love your photography!


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