September 28, 2015

Smith & Cult - Nail Polishes

Remember the Smith & Cult lip glosses? I already told you back then about the nail polishes, and here they are. The prettiest nail polishes I have ever seen!

smith & cult nail polishes

These nail polishes are literally the prettiest I have ever seen. These are the kind of nail polishes you just want because you can decorate your vanity with it. 
The gold cap with the gold logo. The sturdy, big bottle. Ah, pure love. They do look like the lip glosses, but I like these even better. 

You can take the gold cap off, or just leave it on when you paint your nails. I prefer to take the cap off, because it's pretty big, and it just works easier without it. 
The nail polishes have small brushes. And while I do prefer bigger brushes, these are very easy to work with!

smith & cult base top coat

I also got the base and top coat. I already own a good base and top coat, but I couldn't resist the pretty packaging, so I also got these. The top coat is very pretty, shiny and it brings out the sparkle in nail polishes like Bang The Dream. I never used base coats until I someone send me a base coat, and now I can't paint my nails properly without a base and top coat.

The nail swatches below are all made without base or top coat, and I used two coats.

smith & cult dark like me stockholm syndrome bang the dream

smith & cult bang the dream swatches review

The colors! 
The first one I got was Bang The Dream, a metallic dark graphite. It has a metallic shine, but also some tiny sparkles.

smith & cult dark like me swatches review

The second one is Dark Like Me: a very pretty aubergine, with a red undertone. 

smith & cult stockholm syndrome swatches review

The last one I got was Stockholm Syndrome. I love colors like this, Smith & Cult calls it elephant grey. I also see a hint of lilac in it, a subtle hint, but it's there in outdoor lighting. 

Smith & Cult - Nail Polish in Dark Like Me, Stockholm Syndrome and Bang The Dream (€24)
Smith & Cult - Top Coat in Above It All in (€24)
Smith & Cult - Base Coat in Base Coat Of Everything (€24)

The nail polishes are not super cheap, but the packaging and nail polish itself are high quality. I personally might order a few more, because I'm very curious about their sparkle/glitter polishes.

What do you think about these nail polishes? Do you like the packaging? 

Love, Rani


  1. De verpakkingen zien er super leuk uit! Dark like me vind ik van de drie kleuren het mooist..

  2. The packaging is gorgeous, these would indeed fit perfectly on my vanity!
    Googling where to get them right now :-P

    Laura xx

  3. The packaging is so pretty! I really like these three colors, but Bang The Dream is my favorite!

  4. Wow die bordeaux achtige kleur spreekt me enorm aan!

    x Karen

  5. Ohhh die verpakkingen! Zo schattig! Echt heel mooi, en de kleurtjes zijn echt geweldig!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  6. The packaging is so cute!! I love the colors!! Gorgeous photos!


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