September 16, 2015

Clarins - Joli Rouge

Clarins' Joli Rouge lipstick has a renewed formula and a new color palette, reason enough to try them out!

Every label has a packaging that's characteristic for the brand, Clarins boxes are red. (And whoops, that wasn't the lip liner box, I switched it with one from a kohl pencil! But they look similar.) I really love the lipstick packaging, it's fully gold with at the top a little corner with a 'C' in it. Simple, but very pretty. The lip liner is also quite simple, just the pencil in the shade of the product, and a gold bottom and cap. Lip liners with brushes may look fancier, but who uses those anyway?

There are 4 different lip liners. 01 Nude Fair is for light skin, 02 Nude Beige for bronzed skin with a yellow undertone, 03 Nude Rose for a bronzed skin and pink undertone and 04 Nude Mocha for darker skin. 

I got 03 Nude Rose, but 02 Nude Beige would have been a better fit for me according their system because I have a yellow undertone. But I do like this color with it's pink undertone. On the arm swatch it looks more brown, and it actually is, the lip swatch doesn't give the right color. 

The lipliner is very matte, so it feels and looks a bit dry. You can fix this with wearing a balm over it, or a moisturizing lipstick. The stay of this lip liner is very, very good. It stays for hours and I couldn't get the swatch of my arm, even with make-up remover. 

The Joli Rouge lipstick is a moisturizing one. It has been enriched with bio glasswort en mango butter to fill the lips and make them soft and smooth. It should nourish and protect the lips. 

The lipstick applies really easy and smooth as you can see. I wore it here over the lip liner and the dry effect is gone. Clarins lipsticks smell like red fruits, very sweet and candy-like. It should moisturize and last up to 6 hours. I tried it out and it didn't survive a full meal. (Lipsticks never do with me.) I needed a touch up after that, but it wasn't entirely ruined, so I think without eating and drinking too much you'll make it to the 6 hours because the color also stains.

Clarins - Lip Liner Pencil (€16,50)
Clarins - Joli Rouge (€24)

I personally like the lipstick the most. The color of the lipstick speaks more to me than the lip liner, and the lipstick is really good in what it does: moisturize, soften and it has a beautiful color and shine.  

Have you ever tried a Clarins lipstick or lip liner?

Love, Rani


  1. Great post! Both colors are really pretty!

  2. Prachtige rode kleur op je lippen, echt het perfecte rood.

  3. wow die lippenstift is prachtig!

    x Karen

  4. The colour of the lipstick is beautiful! :)


    Littlest Fashion Show

  5. Love that red!!! So pretty!!! I love it!!! Looks great. Such gorgeous photos.


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