September 10, 2015

Burberry - Tea Rose Eye Color

Everyone needs a touch of pink in their make-up collection, even I!

I don't have a lot of mono eyeshadows, I usually buy palettes or pans to put in palettes. But today, a mono in this blogpost: the Burberry Wet & Dry Silk Shadow in color 200 Tea Rose. I wasn't really a big fan of pink eyeshadows, until I got a liquid one from YSL. I absolutely love that color, and this one is quite similar! So I was very, very curious about this mono because powder is so much easier to create a look with than liquid eyeshadows. They blend much better.

The packaging is really pretty. It has the typical silver color and checkered pattern that you already saw with the Burberry nail polishes, and will see with a lot of other Burberry products too. Even the eyeshadow itself has the checkered pattern! It also closes with a magnet, that's always handy.

The eyeshadow is well pigmented and easy to use. It blends very easily and doesn't have any fallout. I forgot to take a wet swatch, but it's very pretty when used with a damp brush. It then has a subtle metallic shine, and I love a good shiny, metallic eyeshadow. 

Burberry - Wet & Dry Silk Shadow in 200 Tea Rose (€28,50)

So in short: I'm fan of the texture of this eyeshadow. 
Easy to use and blend, no fallout and a subtle metallic shine when used wet. Loving it!
I feel like this brand is already starting to grow on me, two encounters yet, but both very positive. Can't wait to try out and show you guys more!

Do you own a pink eyeshadow? And do you use it?

Love, Rani


  1. The color is so pretty! I first thought it was going to be too pink. But it looks great!

  2. Wow deze kleur is erg mooi! Zeker een aanrader!

    x karen

  3. De kleur ziet er mooi uit! Niet te uitbundig, maar juist heel subtiel!

  4. this is exactly the color match I love the most for my make-up!!! ❤️


  5. Zo mooooi!
    En hoe heb je in HEMELSNAAM die wesp op foto gekregen? ZO COOL. :D

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

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