August 23, 2015


It was time to add some more Burberry to my life and I have a few amazing products to show you. First in line are the nail polishes!

You will see that all of the Burberry products look very much alike. They all have a big silver cap with the famous Burberry check print. My first thoughts were: "Beautiful, but so little product?". Nope! There is a lot more of it hiding underneath the cap as you can see. The packaging is on point in my opinion. It's an elegant design.

Let's discuss the brush and formula straightaway. It's a big brush, I only need two swipes for one layer. It's also flattened, and it works really well for me. Although I had to watch out the first time not to get too much product on the brush. 

The formula is a bit thicker, but brushes out very well. It doesn't leave any bubbles or stripes and two coats are enough. Qualitatively it's a great nail polish for the price.

This is my first khaki nail polish. Thinking about this, khaki nail polishes are a bit rare! I never bought one, but I also can't remember any of the latest collections having one either. And the ones in the permanent range often are more brown-khaki-ish than pure khaki. At first I was doubting the color a bit. Khaki on your nails? But when I applied it: yessss! This is a color that you probably don't have, but take it from me: you need one in your nail polish collection. 

The second one is 303 Oxblood, and it became my favorite red. Not just "one of my favorites", no straightaway my favorite red. It's a dark red, vampy color and it simply looks amazing.

The photo might look stripy, but it's because of the lighting and window. The polish actually looks flawless in real life. 

Burberry - Nail Polish in color 303 Oxblood (€19)
Burberry - Nail Polish in color 205 Khaki Green (€19)

Khaki Green is a great color, and it looks so much better than I thought it would look like. Oxblood is gorgeous, it's my favorite red now and I also have a Burberry Oxblood lipstick to match it... That one will also be soon up on the blog!

Do you own a khaki nail polish?

Love, Rani


  1. The oxblood is really pretty, and I never thought a khaki nail polish would look this good!

  2. Wauw, pretty!


  3. Mooie nagellak kleuren! Van alle merken heeft Burberry echt de allermooiste verpakkingen vind ik.

  4. Wauw, ik hou van het kaki lakje!

    Liefs x

  5. Gorgeous photos! Love that red and the khaki is so pretty!! :)

  6. I didn't know Burberry made nail polish! So fabulous!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

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