August 26, 2015


Today a little post to tell you all about the Chanel palette from yesterdays haul!

Okay, so technically it isn't mine because it was a gift for my mom (in a huge haul), but I couldn't resist photographing and swatch it real quick for you guys. 

This little palette is called 'Ombres Contraste Duo' in color 30 Bleu - Tendre. 

I love Chanel packagings. I was obsessed with Chanel for quite some time, it was the only high-end make-up I bought. Nowadays my obsession has cooled down a little, because I discovered so many other brands (like you can see every day on the blog). 

This is the classic Chanel box as you know it: black with the logo in white. It's so simple and yet so sophisticated. Truly a box that should be in everyones make-up collection.

The inside of the palette houses two pans with the colors and two little applicators. One sponge applicator and one with a little brush. The brush is actually fine to use, it's soft and takes on a good amount of product. So for girls that haven't got any eye brushes yet, this will work too.

Because I almost have exams there are no looks in the posts, just swatches. But pretty swatches! I absolutely love the light blue color. It has a pearly, satin shine. The darker color is less pearly, and even looks a bit matte. It's also not really blue, it has more of a grey hue. But they perfectly complement each other. 

For a look with this duo I would go for the lightest color in the inner corner (for about 3/4th of your lid) of your eyes and the darker in the outer and crease. You just have to blend the two colors well in the middle part, and voila: a quick but fresh look!

Chanel - Eyeshadow Duo (€37,90 available at Planet Parfum)

I wouldn't have picked these colors myself, because I never really gave such light colors a chance.  My palettes mostly exist out of darker colors like this dark blue one. But when I swatched the light blue color I fell in love. That pearly shine, so pretty. I need a light blue color like this too! 

What do you think about these colors?

Love, Rani


  1. The colors look great! And I also really like the light blue color, you should really try one like this!

  2. Wauw, supermooi palette! Ik vind dat lichtblauw ook heel leuk!

    xx Dasha

  3. Ah, love these colors, they look great!

  4. Nothing like Chanel, I love the colors!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  5. Love Chanel so much! Those eye shadows are so pretty! You should try them rani!! Chanel packaging is just so classic and simple . Gorgeous photos!!


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