August 24, 2015


Khaki is back this season. 
Yesterday I showed you a khaki Burberry nail polish and today some & Other Stories khaki products!

There are three products that I'm introducing today: a new fall eyeshadow palette, an eye pencil and an eyebrow tint. 

The packagings are again my thing, pure minimalism. The palette is in clear plastic with the name on top on a sticker. The eye pencil and brow tint's packagings look similar, they both are white cardboard with fabric attached in a loop, so the pencils can fit in it. It's simple, minimalist and totally & Other Stories.

Let's take a closer look at the palette. 
The palette is divided in four pans and there are four different colors that match perfectly. The first three colors are very similar in formula. One is a dark khaki, the second is pure khaki and the third one is gold, but gold with a hint of khaki in it. (Yes, a lot of khaki.) They all have a soft metallic finish. The last one however is very different. It has a grainy texture and I would use it like a pigment instead of an eyeshadow. It also has a metallic shine, but you can see the grains on the swatch, it's a completely different formula. 

I love metallic finishes, and I love these colors. And even though I have no eyelook for you (exams, I'm sorry), it isn't difficult to make one because the colors all fit perfectly together. Just mix it up! For example: the dark khaki in the crease, the khaki eyeshadow lightly over the whole lid, the dark and gold one in the outer corner and a little highlight with the grainy eyeshadow in the inner corner. Voila!

The Zibeline Cocoa Eyebrow Tint is a liner with a felt tip. The color is a light brown tint, so it matches light brunettes the best. I normally use a darker shade for my eyebrows. This eyebrow tint is perfect for filling in little gaps, and it's perfect for when you have just started or are learning how to do your eyebrows. It's super easy and quick.

The Mohair Khaki eye pencil is amazing.
Look at that color! It's not just a khaki pencil like you can find in any collection, this one has a million different shades because it has small metallic glitters in it. This swatch was taken in sunlight, but even inside the color looks metallic and shiny. It's just so, so pretty. 
It also works very well and very smooth. Fan!

& Other Stories - Chatelaine Khaki palette (€15)
& Other Stories - Eye Pencil in Mohair Khaki (€8)
& Other Stories - Zibeline Cocoa Eyebrow Tint (€15)

There are khaki colors all over the different autumn collections: & Other Stories obviously, Burberry, Dior,... So get your khaki's out this autumn and if you don't have them yet, I recommend getting the eye pencil. It's only €8 and it looks amazing. The palette is also very pretty, and I love the metallic shades. These are two things I'm going to use a lot this fall!

What would you choose: the palette or the pencil?

Love, Rani


  1. Such pretty shades!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  2. Really love the colors of the palette! I think they would look really good on you!

  3. Oké, ik moet dat palette gaan halen. (En eventueel dat potloodje ineens ook meenemen :-).)

    x Line

  4. Wow de oogschaduw palette is echt prachtig.

    x Karen

  5. Wauw, wat zijn dat palette en dat oogpotlood mooi!

  6. That mohair khaki pencil is amazing!!! So pretty! Wonderful review and gorgeous pictures as always rani!!!


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