August 7, 2015


lipstick queen cupid's bow

Today three lipsticks on the menu, lipsticks that are big hits to me. 
Just wait till you see the swatches, you'll be convinced too!

The Lipstick Queen Cupid's Bow is a line of lipsticks in pencil shape. This is not my first encounter with these hybrids. I also have a Bobbi Brown Art Stick and I liked the form. So when I saw these Lipstick Queen Cupid's Bows, I needed to try them out.

 They look simple, but cute. Black with the color at the end (always very handy) and the logo in gold.  Pretty! They also come with their own Lipstick Queen sharpeners.

lipstick queen cupid's bow swatches apollo nymph ovid

These are the colors I chose: Nymph, Apollo and Ovid.

My thoughts about the lipsticks? Creamy, super pigmented and easy to apply. That's all, really. I'm very, very happy with these and I can't say a bad thing about them.

They have a matte/satin finish, and feel very pleasant and moisturizing on the lips. 

lipstick queen cupid's bow swatches nymph

Nymph, a beautiful soft pink color. 

lipstick queen cupid's bow swatches ovid

Ovid is a musthave, it's a very deep red. 

lipstick queen cupid's bow swatches apollo

Apollo is my personal favorite (although I like them all three very much), it's a berry wine color. My favorite as you know. 

Lipstick Queen - Cupid's Bow in colors Nymph, Apollo and Ovid (€29,74)

Cupid's Bow by Lipstick Queen = approved. There are some other gorgeous colors that I would like to have. (I'd like to have them all if I could.)

The only sad thing is that I lost my pencil sharpeners, and they don't fit in the sharpeners I have. Hmm, that's a reason to order another one, right?

Have you ever tried a lipstick-pencil?

Love, Rani


  1. The colors are amazing! They are all so beautiful, but my favorite is the Apollo.

  2. De kleuren zijn echt prachtig, mooie finish ook! Ik ben verkocht :-)


  3. Gorgeous pictures!! The second one looks so good on you!!! :) I love lip pencils.

  4. Wauw, dit zijn echt te gekke kleuren! Ik vind denk ik Apollo het mooist!
    Je hebt weer super mooie foto's gemaakt!
    Liefs Iep


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