August 8, 2015


givenchy hydra sparkling review moisturizer eye cream night mask

I got a giftbox (for my birthday again, yay!) with the Givenchy Hydra Sparkling moisturizer and two samples of the eye cream and night mask. It was the first time I tried out some Givenchy skincare, and I liked it! 

I got this sparkling box for my birthday, so it's not a review, more of a discover-post. I'm introducing you to the Hydra Sparkling line of Givenchy, more precisely to the moisturizer, night mask and eye cream.

Boxes are always fun to give and get. I usually buy these around Christmas, they make great gifts. So of course I was super happy when I got this. Thank you, Stephanie! So sweet, it's such a great gift, I love it!

The box also looks pretty, the whole line is blue and so is the box. The jar is my favorite, it just looks really fancy. The jar is made of blue sturdy plastic, and a silver cap on top with the logo. The blue color immediately reminds me of hydration, so that fits perfectly. The other two sample sized products are little plastic tubes, in different shades of blue.

The moisturizer is fully named: Velvet Luminescence Moisturizing Cream. It's ideal for normal to combined skin.

Water is an essential source of energy and radiance for the skin. In dehydrated skin, the cells are deprived of water which leads to less vitality, dryness and fine lines. 

The Hydra Sparkling skincare contains 'Sparkling Water Complex', which is a unique, concentrated source of moisture and sparkling energy. At the heart of the epidermis, it helps form ' a network of sparkling bubbles', that moisturizes the cells. That way it creates an illuminating effect, because the skin becomes soft and reflects the light.

And it does exactly as promised: my skin looks more radiant and luminous. It has that highlighted, dewy, strobing effect that we all want for summer. I should try to mix it with my foundation, see if it still is perfect for strobing.

givenchy hydra sparkling swatches moisturizer eye cream night mask

All of the products have a gel-like texture. The tubes are gels, but the moisturizer is more of a cream-gel. Not a cream, not a gel, something in-between. You only need a bit of cream for your whole face because it's a rich cream. Oh, and it has a scent that is very present. (It smells a bit like Davidoff Cool Water, I think everyone remembers this scent, it was such a big hype!) So if you like perfumed skincare (like I do), this is great.

The Luminescence Moisturizing Eye-Reviver Gel smoothens fine lines, decongests puffiness and diminishes dark circles. 

Short Night Recovery Moistuzing Mask/Cream, whew, again a mouthful. You can use this one as a mask, or just as a cream, and leave it on all night. It should give you a luminous skin when you wake up. 

Givenchy - Hydra Sparkling set (€51,05)

Yay for this gift! I feel like moisturizers that go for radiance always work so well for me. 
So in short: heavy scented, hydrating and reflecting light = the Givenchy Hydra Sparkling moisturizer.

Have you ever tried anything from the Givenchy skincare collection?

Love, Rani


  1. It looks really fancy! The blue colors look so pretty!

  2. Zo'n tof cadeau, ik haal ook altijd bij kerstmis zo'n boxen haha! Zo leuk om te geven!

  3. Gorgeous bottles. I was immediately drawn in by that packaging. Would look so pretty out in full display. Wonderful review!!

  4. Het ziet er echt mooi uit, mooie verpakkingen!

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