August 5, 2015


dior addict eau de toilette deodorant

dior addict eau de toilette deodorant

Dior is always, and I mean always, a good idea. 
And getting Dior for your birthday is always, and I mean always, an amazing gift.

Reviewing gifts would be weird, but these are so pretty, I at least have to show them and tell you more about them! Meet my Dior Addict Eau de Toilette and Dior Addict Perfumed Deodorant.

First of all, the packaging. The boxes have the same 'tie dye' effect as the Addict lipstick casings, silver that turns into a rainbow of colors in the right light. The perfume bottle also looks a lot like the lipsticks, which I love. You can immediately tell that they're from the same line. The deodorant looks very different, in a matte metallic bottle with silver details. But also very pretty.

Top notes: Sicilian Mandarin
Heart notes: Jasmine Sambac, Tunisian Neroli
Base notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla

It'a a fragrance that has everything in it: fruity and floral notes and a woody base. This results in a very feminine and sweet scent. I think that it's suitable for all ages. This is one of those fragrances that easily adapts to the person that's wearing it. 

dior addict eau de toilette

Packaging is really important to me, and this one is so pretty. Can you see yourself opening such a lovely gift? Instant happiness! 

dior addict deodorant

I have to admit that this is my first high-end deodorant. I normally always buy deodorant without scent (although I love perfumed products), because otherwise it mixes with your perfume. Problem solved now, the same deodorant and perfume! 

The deodorant doesn't spray like other deodorants, it's more of a deodorant-perfume hybrid. The scent is exactly the same as the eau de toilette, but lighter. I think this is a really cool product, never had one before, but happy I have one now!

Dior - Addict Eau de Toilette (€64,20 for 50ml)
Dior - Addict Perfumed Deodorant (€37 for 100ml)

Now, how could I not show you this amazing gift? 
The looks + the scent = great combo. Can you see why I fell in love with it? 

Thanks a million, dearest Emma! So happy with the gorgeous gift!

Have you ever tried a Dior perfume?

Love, Rani


  1. I loved the packaging of those lipsticks, so I also loved how this perfume looks. I can see why you fell in love with it!

  2. wow super dat je dit voor jouw verjaardag hebt gekregen! Inderdaad mooie verpakkingen!

    x Karen

  3. Such a great perfume! I didn't know it had a deodorant. Very cool. Gorgeous photos Rani!!!

  4. Wat een fantastisch cadeau, zo leuk! Ze zien er echt tof uit!



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