August 9, 2015


FINALLY, a new outfit online!

Coat - Primark || T-Shirt - Loavies || Pants - Rosemunde (buy here) || Bag - Kenzo || Armparty - The Peach Box (buy here and here) || Necklace - Amarilo

Yes, I am ashamed. The first outfitpost in over a month! You guys left me some emails and messages telling me that you missed the outfits, so I finally went to shoot one. I will try to post one (or more) a week again. 

Beauty took over the blog for a second. I wanted to post a new article for you guys every single day, and because you liked the beauty posts I did got a bit carried away. I do love me some beauty, but fashion will always be my biggest love.

You know I'm not the biggest summer person, I love fall and winter. The fall collections are slowly dripping into stores, and that's my que to spend all my money and photograph a lot of outfits!

I'm wearing some colorful Rosemunde trousers from the summer collection. The colors however are not too bright, so this is definitely my thing. I toned it down a bit more with some black: a coat and top. The trousers are 93% silk: feels so good! Light and airy, perfect for summer. The Rosemunde fall collection is also almost in stores, I can't wait to see all the items!

Do you like this outfit?

Love, Rani


  1. Beautiful outfit! I especially like the pants, and your hair looks great!

  2. Very cool look, love the cross body bag.

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    xx Falasha
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  3. Ik ken het probleem van zomerkleding, ik vind het echt verschrikkelijk dus ik ben echt blij dat het weer bijna herfst is. LOOOOOVE the outfit btw <3

  4. Oh wow, you have such long hair! And it looks so healthy! Nice! Aside from the hair I of course really like the outfit as well :-)

  5. Ah ik ben net het tegenovergesteld, ik kleed me meestal super zomers met veel kleur :D Al is zo'n zwarte met een beetje kleur kind of look ook altijd prachtig, en deze outfit staat je echt SUPER! Echt zo'n mooie broek, en vind het mooi hoe je 'm hebt gecombineerd met all black! Nog steeds verliefd op je tasje overigens <3 En je haar is echt zo prachtig, zo lang, wauw! Ik zeg overigens JA voor meer fashion posts :D Je beauty posts zijn echt top, maar mode blijft voor mij ook altijd number 1 ;)

  6. Love this outfit!!! Been too long since your last outfit post! :) It looks great on you! The pants are so cute and that bag goes perfectly! Wonderful post!!!

  7. Adore those fun pants!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  8. It might be a while but it's totally worth it! Love this look! The combo with the long coat and the printed trousers is define!

    x Aurélie

  9. Zalige tas! Leuke outfit!

  10. Amazing post..Well done! I really love your blog. Keep going.
    Many kisses
    Lady Fur

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