July 10, 2015


At the Dior Rouge Brillant event the Dior make-up artist used a dark colored lip liner on me, and I absolutely loved it. I went to purchase it the week after. It's time that I finally show it to you guys, and while I'm at it, also my favorite Chanel lip liner.

Has anyone ever noticed that these two look very, very much alike?

The caps are completely the same, the pencils are both black and even the metallic part of the brush is exactly the same. That really is some resemblance!

These are definitely the prettiest lip liners I have in my collection. They just look very high-end. There's a big difference in packaging compared to my drugstore lip pencils.

Chanel went for a gold look, and Dior for a silver.

Some lipswatches couldn't be missing of course. The first one is Chanel 21 and the bottom one is Dior - Prune Troublant.

The Dior lip pencil is one of my favorites because of the original color. It's a deep red, vampy color. I think it's even the darkest color I own. The photo represents the color very accurately, but in other lightning the pencil can look almost black.

The Chanel liner is from a previous collection, but I think there are similar colors in the new one. I totally forgot about this lip pencil, that's why it looks so brand-new. When thinking about how I should show you the Dior pencil I suddenly thought of this lipliner. I don't know why I haven't worn it more, it's a gorgeous color. I will probably wear it more often now that I've seen it again.

These lip pencils are matte and dry, but that's exactly how I like them. I had to literally scrub them off, they are both very long-lasting. (And like Katy once said: "my lips look like a big brown couch." Maybe I should have used a primer first.)

Dior - Lipliner Pencil in color 943 Prune Troublant/Thrilling Plum (€23,15)
Chanel - Precision Lip Definer in color 21 (previous collection - €21,75)

So yay for these lip liners! I love how they look and triple bonus points for the long-lasting stay.

Have you ever used a Dior or Chanel lip liner?

Love, Rani


  1. Of all the lip liners you own, this Dior is still my favorite. It looks gorgeous!

  2. Oeh die donkere kleur! Love-leyyy

  3. De ene is zo'n mooie rood-roze-koraal kleur en de Dior is echt perfect donker-rood.
    Love love love.


  4. I really love both colors but i like the Chanel a bit more. It has such a beautiful pink color! x

  5. Wauw, super mooie kleuren! Ik vind Dior toch wel het mooist hihi!
    Liefs Iep

  6. Beautiful lip liner shades! I love Chanel lip liner. Great stuff!!! Wonderful post Rani!!

  7. Omg!!!! Die van Chanel is zooooooo mooi <3 wauwie!!!

  8. Lang geleden dat ik nog eens blogs gelezen heb - amai, super mooie kleuren ook! Kei handig dat er een borsteltje aan zit!

    Groetjes, Shannen (coerbelgique.blogspot.be)

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