April 2, 2015


Last tuesday I was invited to the Dior HQ's to discover the new Rouge Brillant. 
I had a lovely day, and of course I want to share my experience and the new lip products with you!

All these pictures (7) from the event are taken by Laure Geerts and the make-up was done by Kim Printemps (the make-up artist who works backstage at the Dior shows - I feel honoured!).

It was so great to have my lips and nails done by someone, I had my very own princessmoment! For my lips Kim used a lip pencil which I just adore, I need to get my hands on that one. It has a dark, berry color and it's named Prune. For the gloss they used one of the new Rouge Brillants, but sadly I can't remember which one. 
My nails were done in the color 999 Rouge, thé symbol of the house. It's a timeless color, and I'm glad that one was also in my goodie bag! Speaking of that, what did I take home? Four gorgeous colors of lip glosses and the Rouge 999 nail polish.
Here are some (okay, a lot of) pictures of the goodies!

So far the thousand pictures, but seriously, how beautiful are they? 
Normally I'm not a lip gloss kind of girl, but I definitely love these. They are not only a gloss, but also a fluid balm which nourishes your lips. The applicator has a new kind of reservoir, which will always give you the right amount of gloss. (I really dislike applicators that cover your lips in too much gloss!) Oh, and the colors of the lip glosses are coordinated with the Dior Rouge lipsticks.

The first one is the 468 Bonheur, and I love this one. It's the perfect lip tint for a nude look. At first it's a bit soft pink but it melts into your own lip color, leaving some glowy nude lips. I'm a fan! 

This picture isn't as good as the others, I'm sorry, but you can see (can you?) that the second gloss 808  Victoire has more of a peachy color. When applied soft it has more or less an effect like Bonheur, but when applied heavily it's a peachy coral-color, like the tube. 

My favorite of the four: 775 Darling. This one is bright pink, and I never thought I could pull it of, but I actually like it! You probably have seen that I always wear dark red colors, this is the first pink tint that has stolen my heart. The first picture is without lip liner, and the second is, as I would wear it, with lip liner. 

And the last one: the 999, just like the nail polish. As I said it is thé symbol of the house Dior. The bright red color. The gloss has a lot of pigment as you can see. You can wear it without primer, without lipliner, just as I did here. But the red will of course be heavier when wearing a lipliner. A beautiful color!

The lip glosses (Rouge Dior Brillant) are available at €38,03 and the nail polish (Dior Vernis) €27, 06.

What's your favorite color? Do you like wearing lip glosses?

Love, Rani


  1. Such lovely colors! There is a Giveaway on my blog!

    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise


  2. Love love love these pictures, and the colors are so beautiful! My favorite is the red one xxx

  3. Leuk dat je aanwezig mocht zijn! Alle kleurtjes zijn weeral zo mooi!

    x Karen

  4. I LOVE this post, the new lip glosses look gorgeous!

  5. Die foto's zijn weeral super mooi! En mijn favoriet is toch de 999, die kleur past echt bij goed bij u!

  6. You're such a lucky girl! Sounds like a lovely day and the lipgloss looks really really nice xxx S.

  7. What a fantastic pictures!!!
    Have a nice weekend dear,

  8. What a great post! Those are gorgeous colors! The color in the pictures at the top looks so good on you!


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