July 11, 2015


Wow, what a colorbomb over here! 
Annayake brought some color into my monochrome world with their newest perfumes: Bonheur.

This is the first time I feature some Annayake products on the blog. (More will follow soon!) I had heard of the label, and read about it on other blogs, but I never got to try some products. This is my first experience with the label.


The boxes look super happy and kawaiiiiii. Their scents are called 'Bonheur' and that's what they wanted to show in the packaging: happiness. At the back (the yellow side) happiness is written in 6 languages. The front looks even more vibrant and colorful with 5 different colors. Blue is the main color for men and red for the ladies fragrance.

Packaging part 2.

The bottles also look pretty. Annayake kept it clean, like the brand, but it still has that happy vibe going on. There is a 'kanji' at the front, and this one means happiness in Japanese. It's an obvious, but very good choice.

Top notes, fresh and agrume: Grapefruit + Mint
Middle notes: Cedar + Marine Accord
Base notes: Sandalwood + White Musk

The Bonheur For Men smells really good. I was a fan from the minute I smelled it. It's very fresh and has a perfect balance between the fresh marine accord with the woody accords. My boyfriend wasn't convinced from the first whiff, but every time I let him smell it, he likes it more and more.

The top notes are fresh and fruity: Pomegranate + Yuzu
A soft and flowery heart: Peony + Magnolia
Basenotes: Amber + White Musk

You guys know that I'm not a big fan of flowery, fresh, girly perfumes. Well, this one is an exception. It does smell really girly and light, unlike other perfumes I use. And normally this would not be my cup of tea, but I think the base and top notes make the big difference here. I do like fruity scents, and amber and white musk make it a little more 'heavy'. I'm not sure if this scent fits me a 100%, but I definitely like it. Perfect for summer!

Annayake - Bonheur For Her (€45,90 for 50ml / available at Planet Parfum)
Annayake - Bonheur For Him (€45,90 for 50ml / available at Planet Parfum)        

My first (perfume) encounter with Annayake was very positive. The fragrances both smell really nice. A very young and fresh scent. If you're looking for something fresh for summer, you can always go try them out at Planet Parfum.

Did you know the beauty label Annayake?

Love, Rani


  1. I'm liking the perfume for him more and more, but the one for her smells great!

  2. Ik heb die voor vrouwen vandaag in de Planet Parfum getest, en hij ruikt echt heel lekker. Zo fruitig! xxx Lore

  3. Love how bright the packaging is. Sounds like some great perfume. Gorgeous photos!!! :)

  4. Ooh die kleuren, I love rainbows!

  5. Ik had nog nooit van het merk gehoord, volgende keer is even opzoeken in de douglas! Mooie foto's ook! x

  6. De parfum klinkt super en de verpakking is zo zomers dat je hem gewoon in huis wilt halen.

    x karen

  7. Prachtige foto's weer! Ik ken dit merk nog niet, volgende keer maar even ruiken :P

  8. heb deze nog nooit geroken! ben nu heel benieuwd

  9. Ze zien er erg leuk uit, heb nog nooit van het merk gehoord :-)


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