July 9, 2015


Caudalie released a fifth fragrance in the eau fraiche collection: Rose de Vigne. 

Rose de Vigne is the latest addition to the Eaux Fraiches line. The first eau fraiche (Fleur de Vigne) came out in 2002, the second and third (Thé des Vignes and Zeste de Vigne) in 2011 and the fourth (Figure de Vigne) in 2014. And now it was time for a fifth one: Rose de Vigne.

This perfume revolves around the rose and the grape. The grape is something that is used constantly throughout the Caudalie lines. They symbolize the beauty of the world and the generous gifts of earth.

The packaging is very original, and I really like it. The box isn't just a cardboard box, it's a metal tube  that really captures the Caudalie essence. Simplicity.

The bottle looks very elegant. The two main themes are represented in the bottle; the pink ombre color reminds us of roses and at the back of the bottle there is a grape imprint.

 The headnotes are grapefruit and rhubarb, the heart notes blackcurrant and roses. And base notes of magnolia, musk and ambery woods. 

The fragrance is very feminine, light and flowery. The rhubarb gives it a little bit of sour, which makes the scent not too girly and sweet.

"Did you know? In Bordeaux, vineyard proprietors plant roses near grapevines to help reveal any environmental threats to the vines, as roses are more fragile and susceptible to issues. In return, the vines help irrigate the flowers so they bloom with silky petals."

Caudalie - Rose de Vigne (€26,40 for 50ml)

The Rose de Vigne is definitely a perfect summer perfume. It's great for those who like sweet, flowery scents. And the price is really, really good.

Have you ever tried a Caudalie perfume?

Love, Rani


  1. I didn't even know that Caudalie had perfumes! But it looks really great and it's so cheap for a perfume!

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    1. Per ongeluk verwijderd, en ik kan hem precies niet terugzetten! Sorry Melissa! :(

  3. I did not know the had perfumes either hehe…

  4. Heb ik oooook, en hij ruikt zo goed dat ik de rest ook wel :D

  5. I have it too and I love it so much!!!


  6. Ik vind dit zo'n heerlijke geur! En je hebt echt prachtige foto's gemaakt!

  7. Ik ben er super benieuwd naar! Nog nergens zien staan :(

  8. Such a great post! You had me at Roses, Love them. Looks like that would be a great scent to try out. :) gorgeous pictures Rani!! :)

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