June 12, 2015


Duster - Loavies (buy here) || Top - Loavies (buy here) || Pants - ZARA || Bag - H&M || Watch - The Fifth

I recently got my first duster, which is basically a superlong trenchcoat. And I absolutely love it! I got it from Loavies, and the flowy cut made me fall in love. When I ordered it I actually thought it was shorter, I thought it was the same coat as I already have from them (see here) but in nude instead of black. So when I opened my package I was surprised - wow, isn't that a bit too long?- but when I put it on I was super happy. (I could have returned it, as Loavies makes it very easy to pick another size or another piece if yours doesn't fit.) This was a piece that was missing from my wardrobe, and I think many more dusters will follow (I'm a coat-hoarder)!

I also picked out a simple loose t-shirt from them. This is a top I could wear daily - for school for example and it looks simple yet chic. I paired it with some black pants, but I will be doing a summer look with the duster soon. July will be filled with outfit posts guys!

What do you think of a duster? Would it be sweeping the floor of just gather dust in your closet?

Oh, and keep an eye on my Instagram (@iamafashioneer) tomorrow, because I might be giving away €75 Loavies shoppingmoney...

Love, Rani


  1. That duster looks perfect you! Such a beautiful outfit!

  2. Heel mooie outfit met die duster! Ik vind het trouwens echt een leuk topje! x Evelien

  3. that duster is indeed amazing, such a gorgeous look!

    CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

  4. The coat is seriously gorgeous, and the photo I love them! Top is pretty too and actually the watch and bag also, haha, I just love the look :-D xxx

  5. prachtige foto's en love de jas! Ik doe zeker mee met de giveaway trouwens!

    x Shana

  6. Love that duster!! :) you look fabulous rani!! :) love how you styled it.

  7. Amazing outfit, I missed it! And I am participating on the giveaway, I can't wait!

  8. Die duster is gewoon prachtig! Ik moet die hebben! X

  9. Ik wil echt precies dezelfde trench dus fingers crossed voor de wedstrijd! Heb hem zelfs gedeeld!

    - (@fashfashfashinsta)

  10. Ohh I love that duster. It looks so buttery and so lightweight.


  11. Like your style! So simple jet chic!

  12. Nice, Ik draag zelf nooit echt dusters maar bij jou staat het erg mooi!



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