June 11, 2015


june wishlist

As a fashion and beauty blogger I have a very big wishlist. I want to try out every new (make-up) collection, every new release and I shop a lot.
But when I was making this wishlist I noticed that I haven't got much on my 'real wishlist', things that I really want to buy this summer... 

What's on my petite summer wishlist:
Towels. I want some cute beach towels. These are beautiful and exactly what I'm looking for. Black and white or a leaf-print? Yes, absolutely yes. Hats are always on every wishlist of mine. I keep looking for cute hats in my size and they're so hard to find. So the search for some summer hats continues! The fringe heels are amazing, and will probably be soon in my shoe closet. ZARA is the store where I shop the most and when my finals are finally over I will be paying a visit to ZARA. I know for sure that the heels aren't the only ones that are coming home with me. 
Dior. I still can't get over the So Real sunnies and they are high, very high on the wishlist. I saw the Dior Addict eau de toilette on another Belgian beautyblog and I immediately fell in love. I need this! If only for the beautiful packaging, it smells lovely too.
There is a trip to Paris planned, and I'm thinking about purchasing my first designer bag. I'm thinking about something classic from Saint Laurent or maybe a Chanel accessory (I really love me some Chanel). 

Help me out, what would you do: a bag or a Chanel accessory? 

Love, Rani


  1. The sunglasses look great, you should definitely get these! And I would go for the designer bag!

  2. De So real zonnebril staat ook op mijn wishlist maar ik denk dat ik de look-a-like ga kopen. Meer dan € 400 voor een zonnebril gaat er echt over.

    x Karen


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