June 13, 2015


I have a lot of new Benefit products to review and today I'm giving you a little sneak peek about what you can expect the next weeks.

These are the products I'm going to review: the Roller Lash mascara, the High Beam highlighter, the Coralista Blush, the Porefessional and the Erase Paste. 

There are also three little Benefit bags, what's in those? A giveaway for you! Keep an eye on Instagram (@iamafashioneer), somewhere in the following weeks you can win these bags for you and two of your friends. A little hint: look at the color of the bags and the color of the Roller Lash, looks quite similar, right? 

I'm a big Benefit fan. 
These are all products that I really wanted to try out. The Coralista blush was on my wishlist for a long time, along with the High Beam highlighter. I already swatched them secretly, and I can't wait to do these reviews! 
I heard nothing but good things about the Erase Paste and since I'm still looking for a good concealer, I needed to try this one. Same goes for the Porefessional, I only heard good things and a lot of you have advised me to try it out. 
The Roller Lash is something I wanted because I want to see where the hype is all about. Is it really that good? 

I can't wait to show you these products in detail, are there any products you want to see reviewed first?

Love, Rani


  1. Oeh die blush, so pretty!!! <3
    En the Porefessional, wil ik echt eens proberen. Moet blijkbaar een wonderproduct zijn!! Ben benieuwd naar uw review :-D Xo

  2. I'm most curious about the Coralista Blush! The products look really cool, I can't wait for the review!

  3. Wat een mooie producten! Ik ben ook wel benieuwd naar de blush!

  4. Roller lash is amazing!!! :) love the pictures Rani! :)

  5. I'm curious about them all! :-D

  6. Ik hoor zoveel goede dingen over Benefit dus ik ben super benieuwd! x

  7. Benefit is echt een superleuk merk! Ze hebben altijd van die toffe verpakkingen! Ik heb ook nog niet zo lang geleden een workshop van Benefit bij Douglas gevolgd. Daar heb ik de verschillende producten meer in detail leren kennen.


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