May 28, 2015


Last sunday I gave you a peek at the YSL garden event. We were there to discover the new collections, and today I'm showing you a beautiful selection.

These are the products I'm going to show you: a foundation, eyeshadow palette, lipgloss/stain, mascara, liquid eyeshadow and eye primer. They all are from different collections: the Pop Water collection, the Saharienne collection and a collection named 'The Eye Event'. 

The base of the make-up is of course foundation. This one is called 'Les Sahariennes'. Just like the big theme of the collection: Saharienne. It's not just a foundation, it's a balm-powder. When you touch it it feels like a balm, but when you apply it on your skin it instantly feels powdery. 
Les Sahariennes aims to create a naturally sunkissed, dewy and flawless look. And you can see in the swatch (second one) that it blends perfectly into your skin. The color was a bit too dark for me, but I really love the formula and texture. 
Oh, and there also is an applicator with it. On one side it's a brush and the other is a cotton sponge. I would definitely use the sponge for this texture. 

Next on: a beautiful palette. Its gold packaging with the Cassandre logo in red, the way the eyeshadow pans are arranged. Love the aesthetic! 
The only sad thing is that there is fall-out in the palette. And because the colors are so close together, they mix with each other because of the fall-out. So blowing the fall-out away is essential after using this palette.
It also has two little applicators, and one of them is a little brush. It actually is pretty decent if you want to apply just one color, and don't want to go all MUA on your eyelook.

The eyeshadows are well pigmented, especially the fourth one. That is also the one I used on my eyes in the picture down below. The rose and champagne colors are perfect for a little eye highlighting. I think the colors are perfectly chosen, they fit so well together. Really happy that this palette is now part of my stash!

Another product that is pretty new, or well has been reinvented is the Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils. Which means volume mascara with a false lash effect in French. There hasn't been any changes to the formula, they just added a new nurturing effect.
I have the weird habit of sniffing every product, including mascaras, before I try them out. Mostly mascaras are super dissapointing because they just do not smell good. They mostly smell pretty bad. (Go and take a whiff of your mascara. If anyone sees you, they might think you're weird, so just tell them that I told you to.) The point is, this mascara has a scent! And not just a scent, it smells really, really good! Flowery and fresh, I love it. 
The formula feels fresh and more wet than most mascaras. They say that after 8 weeks, the mascara is still as wet and fresh as when you first opened it. I also don't think that this formula is going to dry out. 
Another special thing is the brush. It is so much longer than other brushes. Seriously I think over 1 cm, that's a lot! The bristles have different lenghts, to create the false lash effect. 

You can see on the photo that it gives volume and length to my tiny lashes. I'm happy with the result! (I'm also wearing a color from the palette above.)

This one you have already met a few days ago.I love this one! All the info and swatches can be found here.

This is the first metallic liquid eyeshadow from YSL. It's formulated with 40% water for a cooling effect and pure color payoff. The color is still a little bit sheer as you can see on the swatches. But I don't think it's meant to be fully covering, it has a water base and it would simply not fit the colors. (Soft pink metallic eyes - yes. Super pigmented pink metallic eyeshadow? No.) So I'm very happy with the formula! The applicator has a curve in it, which allows you to create three different looks: a full lid, as eyeliner or a more graphic eye look.The color should stay for about 16 hours, and it stayed the whole day. There are 10 colors, but I miss a dark color. I would use it to replace my eyeliner sometimes. But of course, this is a popy summer collection, so there have to be vibrant colors. 

This is the Couture Eye Primer, and it's a new creambase that primes and evens the skin around your eyes before you put on eyeshadow for example. I noticed that my eyeshadow stayed longer colorful and vibrant when I wore the primer. 

There are two shades: Fair and Medium. At first I thought: does that really make such a big difference? But Fair is a matte base and Medium is a satin base! So that's important to know.

Les Sahariennes (sun-kissed blur perfector) in color 6 (€54,50)
Couture Palette Mauresque no12 (€62)
Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils in color no1 Noir Haute Densité (€33,50)
Pop Water Glossy Stain in color 206 Misty Pink (€34.50)
Full Metal Eyeshadow in color 6 Pink Cascade (€30,50)
Couture Eye Primer in color Medium (€30,50)

Again a big post about a big collection. There aren't any dissapointments in this collection, I love every product. There is one more thing I need to show you from the summer collections: this palette. Oh, how I want that dark version (Tuxedo). There are 10 colors, and they all are so beautiful. That palette is going straight up on the wishlist!

What is your favorite item from this collection? Anything you'd like to try out?

Love, Rani 


  1. Everything looks so great! From the mascara to the palette, everything is so classy. But the palette stands out, it has such beautiful colors!

  2. Oké, verliefd op echt elk product. Echt allemaal, en je foto's weer zo mooi!

  3. Ik vind die liquid eyeshadow echt wel tof, die ziet er super uit! Echt een leuke post! x

  4. Gorgeous collections and love how you styled the photos babe x Gina

  5. Lientje VandebroeckMay 29, 2015 at 9:47 PM

    Love, love, love deze post! Oh wat een mooie foto's en een hoera voor de make up! Ik hou van het pallet!

  6. Gorgeous pictures! You have some great picks there! :)

  7. Ziet er een mooie collectie uit!


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